Trident is a Ukrainian news website that covers real news about Ukraine. The platform was active between 2015-2016 but became obsolete until recent times. Trident has become a very active source of news covering the Russian/Ukraine war. Unlike other portals that use professional journalists to source news, Trident uses Ukrainian citizens instead.

Anybody who is a registered Trident member can submit news stories to the editor for publishing. The portal managers call it an informational platform for citizens to get and send stories in real time.

Operational model

Trident operates a democratized newsgathering process. To use the platform to spread a story, members have to register on the platform. After which, they can send their stories in video, article, or audio forms.

Once received, the editorial team verifies the story to ensure it is authentic. Once the news is verified, they publish it under the appropriate news section on the platform.

Due to the large number of independent citizens who send stories to the platform, Trident has remained an active source for news covering Ukraine.

Region Of Focus

Despite being a Ukrainian website for Ukrainian news, the platform also covers stories about Russia and other Baltic states like Poland, Latvia, Belarus, and Lithuania. But of the five, A greater focus on placed on Belarus and Russia because these countries have a common ancestry with Ukraine, and there are a lot of Ukrainians living in both countries and Russians and Belorussians living in Ukraine. 

News Section

News and stories are arranged under the following niches.

Ukraine: News and happenings in Ukraine are listed under this section. From current affairs to sports, economy to culture, everything happening in the country is posted here.

World: Current world affairs as they unfold are reported under this section. The world section news feed is updated several times daily as breaking news emerges.

Russian Ukraine War: This section was only introduced recently at the start of the war when Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine. Ukrainians home and abroad are furnished with information regarding the war as it unfolds.

Occupation of Crimea: This portal focuses on life in Crimea during and after the annexation of Crimea by Russian forces. Citizens living in Crimea send in the news about life on the island so Ukrainian citizens can get to read about current trends on the Island that have now come under Russian influence.

Corruption: Ukraine is rated as the most corrupt country in Europe and one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Trident has long been at the forefront of fighting the social scourge by exposing it when the situation presents itself. Citizens send information regarding official corruption at the various levels of government and agencies. The staff of Trident verifies such stories before they are published.

Users can use the informational portal under blog sections to provide information that falls under any of the above categories. The staff verifies and then publishes the story if it is authentic. Subsequently, the stories will also appear on social media networks of Trident. 

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