The Dominican Republic E-Ticket Application Code

The Dominican Republic requires tourists to apply for an electronic e-ticket to enter and leave the country. If you’re interested in spending your vacation at one of the finest tourism locations, then the Dominican Republic will be your favorite destination. If you’re not well aware of the e-ticket and how to apply for it, then do not worry, as this guide will explain everything necessary related to the Dominican Republic e-ticket and its application codes.

What is the Dominican Republic e-ticket?

The Dominican Republic government has recently introduced a digital electronic form that replaces the old printed form travelers used to enter and leave the country previously. This new electronic form is called the e-ticket, and you need it for entering or leaving the Dominican Republic.

The e-ticket combines three important documents (Customs Declaration form, Traveler’s Health Affidavit, and International Boarding/Disembarkation form) into a single document. The e-ticket makes migration procedures simpler, and when you fill it out in advance, customs clearance is also accelerated.

How to apply for the Dominican Republic e-Ticket?

To apply for the Dominican Republic e-ticket successfully, follow the steps below.

Step no.1:

The first thing you’ve to do to apply for your Punta Canta e-ticket is go to the e-ticket portal and make a new user account. Select the option “e-Ticket Application.” The option “Consulate e-Ticket Issued” lets you view previously issued e-tickets.

Step no.2:

Now you will start your e-ticket application and answer several questions. The first question will be, “how many people will you be traveling with?” Mention if you’re traveling with someone, by yourself, or with a group.

Step no.3:

On the first page of your e-ticket application, you will see a code on the top left corner of the screen. This is your application code. Your application code is very important, so save it by noting it down. An application code can be used when you didn’t save your e-ticket.

Step no.4:

On the first page where you received your application code, provide general information, like if you’re leaving or entering the country.

Step no.5:

In the migration information section, you’ve to provide some personal information such as passport number, flight details, etc.

Step no.6:

After providing your personal information, you must fill out your customs information. Mention the amount of cash and goods you’re traveling with.

Step no.7:

Now complete the health declaration of symptoms section as per the requirements of the Ministry of Public Health. Click submit when you’ve answered all the questions.

Step no.8:

After submitting your application, press “agree to the terms and conditions.” Your e-ticket will now be visible. Download your e-ticket, print it out, or save it on your phone, as it’s very important.

How much does an e-ticket cost, and how long does it take to process?

The Dominican Republic e-ticket form is free and doesn’t cost you anything, and the time it takes to process is just 5 minutes.

How do you display your form?

You will get your e-ticket document through email, so make sure you provide a valid email. You can display your form in physical form as a printout or digital form by saving it on your form. Both work when you show them to the authorities at the airport.

Who needs the Dominican Republic e-ticket?

Anyone traveling to the Dominican Republic or departing from it requires an e-ticket application form. However, the customs deceleration section must only be filled out by people above the age of 18.

When should I apply for the Dominican Republic e-Ticket?

You should fill out the form 72 hours before you travel to the Dominican Republic. It is advised to fill out the form as early as you can to avoid any inconvenience.

What documents are required to apply for an e-ticket?

All you require is your personnel information, flight details, email address, and passport information.

How long is the Dominican Republic e-Ticket valid for?

An e-ticket is a single entry-only document and is valid on your entry to the Dominican Republic. If you have to visit the country again, you will require another e-ticket form.

How do I get a QR code for the Dominican Republic?

When you complete an e-ticket form correctly, you will be given two QR codes. You will have to show one QR code when entering the Dominican Republic. The other QR simply signifies that you’ve filled out the e-ticket application form correctly.

When should I fill out my e-ticket to enter the Dominican Republic?

It is recommended to fill out your e-ticket form as fast as possible otherwise, filling it out at the last minute can end up with mistakes, and an incorrect e-ticket form will not be accepted. You can fill out the e-ticket form 72 hours early before arriving in the Dominican Republic right before heading to immigration.

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