Relocate Brand Philosophy, Audience, Tone, Voice, Style, and Guideline

Immigration law is a complicated topic and we want to make it simple. When you read our content, you will easily find what you were looking in a clear, straightforward manner. We honestly seek to be helpful, informative, and educational. By demystifying immigration law, we empower people to travel and relocate to wherever they want.


We believe in travel and relocation. If politics does not suit you where you leave, the ultimate move is to exit. By making immigration easy, we keep society on its toes to ensure that everyone is seen and heard. Travel is the tool that allows people to discover what society they want. Relocate helps people find their true calling with travel and immigration assistance.

Background to the Brand

After founding in the 2010’s, we found out that people are often confused about the law and a clear, consistent explanation of the law is what consumers crave. From years of writing on Wikipedia, we found out that thorough, complete content is what search engines and the public wants. From years of writing for a visa company, we found that answering customer questions is how a site gains traffic.

Who our Audience is

Our audience is split into two categories:

Tourists – Tourists are individuals who travel for a short time to a country on a tourist visa. They reside in another country and are there for pleasure. We also categorise business travellers as tourists too. For 1-2 months before their trip, they do research about the immigration laws for their destination. This is when they find us, they can cut their research and travel preparation time by buying a visa with us.

Expats – Expats are people who wish to reside in Mexico permanently but do not consider themselves Mexican. They might be there for the good weather, the night life, the people, the food, or the quality of life. We give them the answers they’re looking for about relocating to Mexico in a helpful way so that they can trust us for a major life decision. Digital nomads and investors fall in this category too.

The Right Tone and Voice

Answer the question in a straight forward way so that there’s the least reading as possible. Answer the question as thoroughly as possible so that other questions that the reader would have would be answered too. Write about other topics that are related to this topic as well, so that the brand covers the subject in-depth and in-breath.

The Relocate Style

The Relocate style is simple to read, easy to scan, and gets to the point. We take boring immigration law and make it available to the masses.

The visuals are clear, clean, and minimal. Less is very much more.

Goal of the Content

The goal of the content is to build trust and faith in Relocate for helping the traveler or expat with their immigration paperwork. It should communicate expertise, authority, and trust. It should be accurate, to the point, and without fluff.

Content Format

We choose written format.

What we don’t cover

We don’t cover travel guides, reviews, or anything that is irrelevant to the brand.

Editorial Process

The Relocate editorial process is as follows. It is to ensure that content is up-to-date, accurate, and thorough.


  1. Figure out all topics and subtopics and organize them in a hierarchy.
  2. Figure out what needs to be covered in each page. Each webpage targets one main keyword only.
  3. Write the content.
  4. Publish the content according to the hierarchy.


  1. After 2 years of being published, flag all content that is 2 year old or more for an audit.
  2. For the main keyword, look at what other competitors are writing about the topic. Answer these questions: Is anything missing in our page? Is anything inaccurate, misleading, or false? Is there a way we can make our content better that is not there on our page or competitors pages?
  3. If any of those are yet, make a brief and send it for refresh.
  4. If no, mark the post as audited and let it sit for another 2 years.


  1. For all content that was flagged for refresh, read the notes and do the research.
  2. Do the edits that was suggested in the notes and refresh the content.
  3. Send it to promotion team to promote the refreshed content to new webmasters.

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