The history of, the official website of the Municipal Government of Pontal do Araguaia, is a story of the evolution of digital technology and its impact on local governance. This article delves into the website’s journey, from its inception in the year 2007 to its discontinuation in 2019, and how it has played a crucial role in providing essential services to the citizens of Pontal do Araguaia.

Prefeitura Municipal de Pontal do Araguaia – MT

The website,, was designed to provide a range of services and resources to local residents, including news updates, event listings, and information about city services. It was intended to be a one-stop-shop for all things related to the city government and local community.

One of the primary objectives of the website was to increase transparency and accountability in local government. By providing up-to-date information about city services, federal law, budgets, and policies, the website aimed to help residents better understand how their tax dollars were being used and what their local government was doing on their behalf.

Over time, the website grew to become an essential resource for residents, with thousands of visitors each month. In addition to news and information about the city government, the website also provided resources for tourists; including information about local attractions, accommodations, and transportation.

In 2015, the website was given a major overhaul, with a new design and improved functionality. The updated website included more interactive features, such as a forum for residents to ask questions and share information, as well as a side menu with all of the related topics, which are listed below:

  • Town Hall
  • Bids
  • Legislation
  • Master Plan
  • Useful Links

Despite its popularity and utility, the Pontal do Araguaia municipality website faced several challenges over the years. One of the biggest challenges was keeping the site updated with current and relevant information. While the website was intended to be a central hub for all city-related news and information, it often lagged behind in terms of updates and accuracy.

Another challenge was ensuring that the website was accessible to all residents – regardless of their internet connectivity or device. While the website was designed to be responsive and mobile-friendly, many residents still faced difficulties accessing the site due to slow internet speeds or outdated technology.

End of the Municipality Website

In 2019, the Pontal do Araguaia municipality website was shut down, and its contents were modified and transferred to a new page, known as The decision to shut down the original website was made in part due to its outdated design and technology, as well as the high cost of maintaining and updating the site.

Despite its eventual demise, the Pontal do Araguaia municipality website remains an important piece of local history. It serves as a testament to the city’s commitment to transparency, communication, and community engagement. While the original website may be gone, its legacy lives on, as the local government continues to work towards providing the best possible services and resources for its residents.

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