Mexico Visa for Venezuelans

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Venezuelan citizens require a Mexican visa to enter Mexico. To get the visa, you will have to contact the Mexican embassy. Once you have a valid visa, you must also get a Mexican tourist card (Forma Migrotaria Multiple). This article will discuss how you can apply for a visa and a tourist card.

How can Venezuelans apply for a Mexican Visa?

To apply for the Mexican visa, you will need to follow these steps:

Step # 1

Enter all your information in the online application form. Then, choose a processing time. The cost of the Mexican visa will depend on the processing time.

Step # 2

Review all your information in the form and then make the payment. All the information must be correct, or your application will not be processed.

Step # 3

If applicable, upload documents that support the application. However, one document that you will need to upload is a scan of your passport’s front page. Ensure your passport is valid for 6 months before applying for the visa.

How can Venezuelan Nationals apply for a Mexican Tourist Card?

The process of applying for a Mexican tourist card is similar to a visa, but there are a few differences. You will have to submit a copy of your airplane ticket and the flight number for the Mexican tourist card. You will also have to give your email address.

Unlike the Mexican visa, which you will get through the Mexican embassy, the tourist card will be sent straight to your mailbox, so you must provide your email ID.

All visitors need an FMM to enter Mexico. Get your FMM now!

Satisfaction guaranteed. Skip the line at the airport!

Processing time and Costs for the Mexican Visa and Tourist Card?

As far as processing time goes, you have 3 options:

Standard Procedure

With the standard procedure, you will get your tourist card or visa within 24 hours. However, while this is the cheapest processing option, it is also slower than the other two. This procedure will cost you around $ 35 (Inclusive of service charges).

Rush Procedure

You will get your Mexican visa or tourist card in just 4 hours by picking the rush procedure. While this method is fast, it is also costly. The rush procedure will cost you around $ 61 (Inclusive of service charges).

Super Rush Procedure

This is the fastest way of getting a Mexican tourist card or visa, but it is also the most expensive method. With the super rush procedure, you will get your Mexican visa or tourist card in 30 minutes. The total cost of this procedure is about $ 100.

Is Mexico Safe for Venezuelan Citizens?

Recently, the Mexican government has imposed restrictions on many countries in Latin America, including Venezuela. A large number of Venezuelans are migrating to Mexico, but recently Mexico imposed stricter restrictions, and as a result, border protection detained Venezuelans.

While you might fulfill all your visa requirements, Mexico has become a tough place to live for Venezuelan migrants. Also, if you don’t submit the appropriate documents, Mexican immigration authorities will not allow you to enter Mexico. Most likely, these no restrictions have taken place due to pressure exerted on Mexico by the United States.

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