Mexico Visa for Ukrainian Citizens

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Get an FMM and ETA for your trip!

You probably have many questions if you are a Ukraine citizen and want to visit Mexico. However, it is time to find answers to these questions because we have given all the answers in this article.

How can Ukrainian Citizens enter Mexico?

Do Ukrainians need a valid visa to enter Mexico? Ukrainian citizens need a Mexican ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) to enter Mexico. An electronic travel authorization is a mandatory travel document and was recently made available to many European nations, including Ukraine.

With the Mexican ETA, Ukrainian citizens can live in Mexico for a period of 180 days without any travel restrictions. However, suppose Ukrainian citizens are looking to study or work in Mexico. In that case, they need a different Mexican visa, and the tourist visa or a normal electronic visa will not get the job done.

Mexican Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) Requirements?

Since the whole ETA process takes place online, the requirements for the ETA are minimal. Here is what you need to submit:

Application Form

Citizens of Ukraine will need to fill out an application form online. Please ensure all the details in the form are accurate.

Scan of your valid passport

Your Ukrainian passport should have a validity of more than 6 months after the ETA application process is complete. You will need to upload the scanned photo on the information page. However, ensure the photograph has no glares, smudges, or blurs. These can prevent officials from reading your information.

Email ID

Ensure that you submit your email address. Please check your inbox regularly, as the ETA will arrive by email.


To complete the application process, Ukrainian citizens will need to make a payment. You can make the payment through a valid credit or debit card.

Get an FMM and ETA for your trip!

Frequently Asked Questions?

Mexican Permanent Resident Visa requirements for Citizens of Ukraine?

The permanent resident visa category applies to foreign nationals who want to travel to Mexico and stay there indefinitely. The embassy of Mexico only issues these visas in the following circumstances:

·Family ties to a legal permanent resident or a Mexican citizen.


Here are the Requirements:

Visa Application Form

Please fill out this form, and ensure all the information you enter is accurate and relevant. Incomplete forms will not be processed or accepted. Ensure to fill out both pages of the visa application form and sign them.

On the second page of the form, you should enlist your supporting documents. If you are under 18, your parents should sign the application form.

Valid Passport

Please scan the front page of your passport and ensure the photos are clear. All the details of the passport should be clear. You should also submit photocopies of previous visas. The passport should at least have a validity of 6 months.


You must submit one recent photograph (White background, size: 3.5 by 4.5 cm) not older than 30 days.

Evidence of Financial Means

You must submit proof of savings accounts, bank statements, or investments. Your average monthly income should be more than 149, 000, 00 pounds in the past 12 months. Recently opened bank accounts will not be accepted for international travelers. Lastly, all the payment receipts for the pension should be submitted.

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