Mexico Visa for Turkish Citizens

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Get an FMM and ETA for your trip!

For Turkish citizens, is it mandatory to apply for a Mexico tourist visa or an electronic visa? In this article, we will discuss whether Turkish citizens must fulfill visa requirements or not to enter Mexico.

Do Turkish Citizens need a Valid Visa for Mexico?

The good news for all those Turkish citizens who want to go to Mexico is that they don’t need a visa to enter the country. However, there is a catch, Turkish citizens will have to pass through an electronic travel authorization system to get a 30-day permit.

Things to know before going to Mexico?

Turkish citizens don’t need to submit documents to be eligible to visit Mexico physically. However, they should have a valid passport. Diplomatic passport holders also have a visa exemption, but their passports should be valid. All Turkish passport holders should keep these things in mind before traveling to Mexico:

How does the Process work?

Since the process of getting a Mexican ETA is online, travelers can do the process easily. This process takes only a few days to complete, and you can apply for it without getting in a queue outside an embassy.

You need a computer and internet connection to complete the ETA process. You also don’t need an appointment from the Mexican embassy to apply. This is what’s part of the process:

Application Form

The procedure for the application form is also done online. You must fill out the electronic application form and ensure that all the information you entered is correct.


Once you have filled out the application form, you will have to pay a fee. You can make the payment through a valid credit or debit card.


Following the ETA clearance and approval, Turkish citizens will get a travel confirmation from the embassy through email. You don’t need to print and present the documents at the airport, as the ETA is electronically stored.

Get an FMM and ETA for your trip!


As with other foreign nationals, Turkish travelers who are ordinary passport holders will need to present their passports to the immigration authorities once they land in Mexico.

After the airport authorities give the clearance, Turkish citizens can enter Mexico and explore the beautiful country. Those with service passport holders will also have to follow the same protocol. Sometimes the authorities may even ask for a yellow fever vaccination certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mexico Visa Regime for Turkish Citizens?

Turkish citizens are allowed a single entry into Mexico for 30 days on a permit; a visa is not required. Those that have service passports also have visa exemptions.

Prices and Processing Time?

Your choices will determine the cost of the application process. However, as far as application processing time is concerned, you have these options:

Standard Procedure

Most travelers save the standard procedure. This procedure usually takes 24 hours to complete and typically costs $ 38 (Price subject to change).

Rush Procedure

This electronic visa is delivered to the applicant in less than 6 hours. The average fee for the rush procedure is about $ 68 (Price subject to change).

Super Rush Procedure

This procedure gives the application for the tourist card in half an hour. However, this process is expensive and can cost you more than $ 110.

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