Mexico Visa for Russian Citizens

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Get an FMM and ETA for your trip!

If you are a Russian citizen, you might have several questions about your visa application for Mexico. While a lot of people have these questions, not many of them get answers. In this article, we have discussed what Russians need to do to get a Mexican visa.

Mexican Visa Requirements for Russian Citizens?

The current Mexican visa policy for Russian citizens is that they need to fill out an electronic travel authorization (ETA) form. You will not need a consular visa if your visit doesn’t exceed 30 days.

The Visa Application Process?

The electronic authorization process takes place online and eliminates the exhaustive and stressful process of getting a valid visa. Russian citizens must complete the online visa application process like other foreigners entering Mexico. Here is how you apply:

Valid Passport

Please remember that to be eligible for the Mexico ETA; you should have a valid passport. Your passport should have a validity of at least 6 months.

Online Application Form

You must fill out the application form to kickstart this online application process. Please ensure that you put the correct information in the form. The immigration authorities may cancel your application if you give them false information.

Fee Remittance

Once you have filled out the application form online, you will need to pay a fee. For the payment, you will need a credit or debit card.

Obtain the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

Once immigration officials have cleared your application, you can travel to Mexico in a few days. You will receive your ETA via email, so it is important to check your inbox regularly. Printing the document is unnecessary as the ETA is electronically stored with the passport.

Get an FMM and ETA for your trip!

What is the Processing time for the ETA?

When it comes to processing speeds, applicants usually have three options. You will need to choose the option that suits you best. Here are your choices:

·         Standard procedure: You get the ETA in 24 hours

·         Rush Procedure: You get the ETA in 4 hours

·         Super Rush Procedure: You get the ETA in half an hour

Cost for the ETA?

The total cost of getting a Mexico ETA is:

·         Standard Procedure: Around $ 38 (Prices are subject to change)

·         Rush Procedure: Around $68 (Prices are subject to change)

·         Super Rush Procedure: Around $ 111 (Prices are subject to change)

How long is the ETA?

The Mexican tourist visa or electronic visa is typically valid for around 3 months. The Mexican ETA has a validity of 180 days. The ETA enables Russian citizens to get a single entry into Mexico.

This means that once you enter Mexico, you should not stay for more than 180 days. Also, if you wish to travel to Mexico more than once, applying for a Mexico visa would be better.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Mexico Visa Policy for Russian Citizens?

Russian citizens must know they must have an approved ETA to get an entry permit. Russian citizens must submit a valid Mexico tourist card if they travel to Mexico by road. The National Immigration Institute issues the tourist card.

What is the Mexico Temporary Resident Visa?

The temporary resident visa is for those travelers who wish to stay in Mexico for more than 180 days. The validity of this visa is 4 years. This visa is initially approved for 12 months and then renewed for 1 to 3 years.

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