Mexico Visa for Guatemalans

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Guatemalan citizens can only travel to Mexico if they have a valid visa and Mexican tourist card. This article will discuss all the visa and tourist card requirements that Guatemalan citizens need to fulfill.

Visa Requirements for Guatemalans

To be eligible for a visa, Guatemalan citizens must submit these documents:

·Visa Application Form: The first step is to fill out the visa application form. Please ensure that you put the correct information on the form. Forms will incorrect information will be canceled.

·Valid Passport: Your current passport should be valid for about 6 months. Please scan the front page of your passport and attach it to the application form.

·Email Address: If you are applying for an online visa, you must submit your email address.

·Payment: The last step is to make a payment. You can pay with your credit or debit card.

Note: Before you begin with the application process, you must first book an appointment with the Mexican Diplomatic Mission. The visa will be valid for 180 days. A visa is not required if permanent residence is issued by Chile, the United States, Japan, Colombia, United Kindom and the Schengen area.

Mexican Tourist Card Requirements for Guatemalans

The requirements for a tourist card are similar to the visa requirements. However, you can only apply for the tourist card online and not through the Mexican embassy. There are three procedures for the tourist card; pick the one which suits you best:

Standard Procedure

Most people opt for the standard procedure because it is the cheapest option. However, this procedure takes 24 hours to process the tourist card. The cost for the standard procedure is around $ 35 (Inclusive of service charges).

Rush Procedure

This procedure is faster than the standard procedure but is a bit more expensive. With the rush procedure, you will get your tourist card in less than 4 hours. The total cost of the rush procedure is $ 61 (Inclusive of service charges).

Super Rush Procedure

This is the fastest procedure, and only those people opt for the super rush procedure who want the tourist card urgently. The super rush procedure will deliver the tourist card to your mailbox in less than half an hour. However, this procedure is very expensive and can cost you around $ 100 (Inclusive of service charges).

All visitors need an FMM to enter Mexico. Get your FMM now!

Satisfaction guaranteed. Skip the line at the airport!

Travel Guidance for Guatemala Citizens

If you are traveling from Guatemala city or any other part of Guatemala to Mexico, then there are a few things you need to remember. Please remember that you will face a few travel restrictions once you pass the Guatemalan border and complete the official border crossings.

For instance, on a tourist card, you can only enter Mexico for tourism purposes and cannot engage in business activities. You should also be aware that in 180 days, your tourist card will expire. The Mexican government expects you to leave Mexico once your card expires.

While the visa is also valid for 180 days, you will be asked to leave Mexico if you have not applied for permanent residence. Lastly, you should carry all the valid documents, such as your passport and a copy of the tourist card. You will also have to submit your flight number and a copy of the flight ticket at the airport border protection.

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