Mexico Visa for Brazilians Entering Mexico

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Mexico is a popular travel destination in the world. It’s simple to go there if you know what document you’ll need to enter Mexico.

If you’re one of the Brazilian nationals seeking entrance to Mexico and want to know the visa requirement, you’re at the right place. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know, from updates about visa exemptions to permanent residence in Mexico.

Updated Visa Requirement for Brazilian Nationals Entering Mexico

Previously, visa exemptions were applicable for Brazilian Nationals if they:

  1. Owned a passport issued by either Canada, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, or any Schengen Area countries.
  2. Had a travel card representing the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.
  3. Provided documents proving permanent residence in Canada, the United States, Japan, The United Kingdom, or a Schengen Area member country.

According to the latest news, the visa exemptions have been suspended temporarily. People visiting Mexico must now obtain stamped visas if they wish to visit Mexico. The Mexican consular authorities advise citizens against purchasing plane tickets before the Mexican visa is officially stamped in the passport.

Process of Obtaining a Valid Visa for Brazilian Nationals

As per the new requirements, Brazilian passport holders and Brazilian nationals will have to get consular visitor visas from Mexican Consular Authority if they wish to enter Mexico.

The Mexican authorities now grant physical visas, also called Consular Visit Visas, to Brazilian nationals traveling to Mexico. These visas can be obtained from any Mexican Consulate Abroad, but Brazilian citizens can visit the Mexican consular authority in Rio de Janeiro.

You can also schedule an appointment with the Mexican consular authorities for a document analysis if you are a Brazilian citizen planning to go to Mexico.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will all Brazilian citizens be affected by the modified visa process?

Yes, the changes will affect everyone. Before the updated process, if you were a permanent resident of one of the member countries of the pacific alliance or the Schengen area countries, you could enter Mexico without a visa, but now everyone will have to provide a physical visa upon arrival in Mexico.

Will Brazilian Nationals entering Mexico need an electronic authorization form?

Brazilians entering Mexico will need a valid visa to visit or do business in Mexico.

If you’re a Brazilian national, remember to apply for the visa before you leave for Mexico, as all Brazilian nationals will henceforth be required to complete an “Electronic Authorization” form upon their arrival. You can request entry authorization or get an electronic visa granted by the Mexican embassy.

For how long is the consular visitor visa valid?

The consular Visitor Visa, like the electronic visa and visa-exempt entrance, normally permits a maximum stay of approximately 180 days for each visit.

What is the processing time for a consular visit visa?

The process for a consular visitor visa might take anything from one business day to twenty business days to complete. However, visa appointment delays have persisted since early June due to the large number of applications received by the Mexican Embassy in Brasilia and the consulates in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

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