Mexico Visa for Argentinians

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Argentine citizens don’t require a tourist visa to enter Mexico, Costa Rica, or South Korea. However, they do need a Mexico tourist card. This article will discuss the requirements for a Mexico tourist card and how you can get it.

Requirements for a Mexico Tourist Card?

The Mexico tourist card is available online, but to be eligible for the tourist card, you will need to fulfill the following requirements:

·A Valid Passport: Your Argentine passport should be valid for 6 months or more.

·Application Form: You will need to fill out an online application form. Please ensure that you enter the correct details in the form.

·Email Address: You will also need to provide an email address. The tourist card will be delivered via email if your application is approved.

·Payment: The last step is the payment method. You must pay through your Paypal account or a credit or debit card.

How to Apply for a Mexico Tourist Card?

It is easy to apply for the Mexico tourist card; all you have to do is get in touch with a reliable visa provider, go to the website, and do the following:

·Provide all the basic details

·Pay the fee

·Print the tourist card

Cost and Processing time for the Mexico Tourist Card?

Here is the cost and processing time for the tourist card:

·Standard Procedure: This is the slowest procedure but is cheaper than the other 2 options. The standard procedure will give you the tourist card within 24 hours. This procedure costs $ 38 (Price subject to change/Service charges apply).

·Rush Procedure: With this procedure, you can get the Mexico tourist card in 4 hours. This procedure costs $ 68 (Price subject to change/Service charges apply).

·Super Rush Procedure: The super rush procedure is the fastest option, and with this procedure, you will get the tourist card in half an hour. However, this is the most expensive option and usually costs around $ 111 (Price subject to change/Service charges apply).

All visitors need an FMM to enter Mexico. Get your FMM now!

Satisfaction guaranteed. Skip the line at the airport!

Travel Instructions for Argentine Citizens?

Those with a Mexico tourist card have few travel restrictions but only visit Mexico for tourism purposes. On the tourist card, no other activities are permitted. When you apply for a tourist card, you must also provide details such as the flight number.

Mexico has a zero-document policy for Argentine citizens; they don’t need to upload additional documents to be eligible for a Mexican tourist card. However, please remember that the tourist card is unavailable at the Mexican embassy; you must apply for it online.

While you can hire a reliable visa provider for the tourist card, you can also apply on the website of the National Immigration Institute. Argentine travelers will have to show a valid passport and tourist card when they enter Mexico. You will not be allowed to enter the country if you fail to present these two travel documents.

Once you give your passport to the immigration authorities, they will stamp the passport and set an expiration date. Typically, the tourist card allows travelers to stay in Mexico for 180 days.

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