Mexico Tourist Card Instructions

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All visitors need an FMM to enter Mexico. Get your FMM now!

Satisfaction guaranteed. Skip the line at the airport!

To enter Mexico, not everyone needs a visa. In reality, over 60 countries have arrangements that allow their nationals to visit Mexico without a visa for short periods.

However, the great majority of short-term travelers are required to fill out a Forma Migratoria Multiple before crossing the border.

This is true for most individuals who visit Mexico for leisure, business, or other purposes.

Many people refer to the FMM as the Mexico tourist visa or the Mexico tourist card.

Do you need a FMM to visit Mexico?

The FMM card is necessary for all foreigners from countries that do not require a visa to enter Mexico, including the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

If you are travelling to Mexico from one of those countries, you will require a tourist card if you visit Mexico for up to 180 calendar days.

You are not permitted to seek employment with the FMM in Mexico. Also, each individual, including children, is limited to one Mexican tourist card.

Also, if you leave Mexico to visit a nearby country, you must repeat the process and obtain a new card to re-enter because the card is only valid for one entrance.

How to get a Mexican tourist visa

You can get your FMM tourist permit as a in three ways:

  1. Upon arrival in Mexico through land or sea.
  2. On an aircraft on a flight to Mexico.
  3. Before the trip, you can get your mexico tourist card online.

Only the first two selections were previously accessible. All visitors were required to fill out the tourist card form either on their trip to Mexico or at the entrance point.

They would be given a sheet of paper with two halves, one to retain and the other to deliver to border officials.

This method is still used, although it is more time-consuming, which is why the Mexican government implemented an electronic option in 2016.

The electronic FMM is substantially identical to the paper FMM, except that it may be ordered before departure, saving time during immigration procedures.

In addition, the conventional mexico tourist card fees must be paid in cash upon arrival, but you may pay the electronic version online using a credit or debit card.

All visitors need an FMM to enter Mexico. Get your FMM now!

Satisfaction guaranteed. Skip the line at the airport!

FMM requirements in Mexico

As previously stated, the FMM is required for all international tourists, regardless of the type of visa they are travelling with.

This implies that passengers must first determine whether they require a visa and what type, as visa requirements may differ significantly from those of the FMM.

Mexico’s tourist card criteria are as follows:

  1. You should have a valid passport of a minimum of six months from the date of expected arrival in Mexico.
  2. Having a fully completed FMM form.
  3. Paying the FMM charge, which is in cash upon arrival or online with a credit or debit card.

It is critical to note that travellers must take care of their FMM until the day you leave when it must be shown to immigration officials.

If the FMM is lost or stolen, the bearer must notify the police and travel to Mexico’s National Institute of Immigration (INM) to get a replacement.

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