Permanent residency in Mexico through Marriage

What is Mexico permanent residency through marriage? This involves

·         The acquiring of permanent residency status in Mexico due to marriage to a Mexican citizen

·         Or marriage to a foreigner who already has permanent residency in Mexico

There is a legal route to achieving permanent residency status in Mexico. Read on to know more.

Mexico Permanent Residency Through Marriage

Anyone looking to stay in Mexico permanently can do so through the long-established route as laid out by the immigration laws of the country. One way to do it is through marriage. The Mexican government believes in maintaining family connections, so they have created a route for families to live together permanently in the country by issuing documents to spouses of Mexican citizens or permanent residents in the country.

The process begins with the spouse getting a temporary residency first. After holding the temporary resident visa document for a long time, they can then apply for permanent residency after four years. In some cases, some applicants start by entering the country on an FMM visa if they are from a visa exempt country or a tourist visa for 6 months. After that, they proceed to apply for a temporary visa and then a permanent resident visa eventually.

In some cases, some applicants start by entering the country on an FMM visa if they are from a visa exempt country or a tourist visa for 6 months. After that, they proceed to apply for a temporary visa and then a permanent resident visa eventually.

As you can see, the law is clear. You need to apply for a temporary visa first, and only after four years can you apply for a permanent visa. Under special considerations, the local immigration office can shorten the duration to two years to qualify for a residency visa.

Special Exceptions In The Case of Minors

If a minor is involved, the National Immigration Institute bypasses the rules by allowing the minor through their parent to apply for permanent residency straight away instead of going through the long route of applying for a temporary residency visa first. This is done to avoid a situation where the child is separated from their parents for a significant period of time

Requirements For Applying For Permanent Residency Through Marriage

To apply for a temporary and permanent residency, you will need the following.


You must be married to a Mexican citizen or a common law spouse. The person’s status as a permanent resident or citizen of Mexico is what allows you to apply for permanent residency in the country.

Spouse Document

Your application form must include their original and photocopy identification, such as their passport or voter card.

Valid Passport

You must include your passport. Your application should also include your passport number. Note that the passport you use to fill out the application form should be the same one you submit to the INM.

FMM Tourist Card

If you are from a visa free country and you are already inside Mexico, you must tender the FMM card alongside your passport

Marriage Certificate

A certificate to prove the legalized marriage if it was done abroad. The certificate must be signed and stamped by an authorized official. Tj original and photocopies are required

Proof Of Address

An original and photocopy document showing the address of temporary residence, such as a utility bill.

Application Fee Receipt

The original payment slip or receipt of the application fee with two photocopies.

Application Cost

When applying for permanent residency, there are two separate fees to need to pay. These fees will be requested of you before you are allowed to submit the application form. The first one amounts to MXN 1,325.00 Pesos, and the second one is MXN 4,148.00 Pesos

Requirements For Common Law Relationships

Anyone who is married to a Mexican or falls under a common law relationship qualifies for citizenship. While the status of marriage is clear, that of concubines can be confusing. In Mexican law, a common law partner is anyone who is a concubine.

This type of relationship needs appearance before a judge to prove. Only then will such a relationship be rented as valid in Mexico. If both parties live together outside the bonds of marriage and have done so for a significant period of time, then it can be termed a common law union.

Another condition that qualifies the applicant for permanent residency is if they have children with the Mexican citizen even though they have not lived together for a long time.

Such persons must tender a Statutory Affidavit signed before a notary in their home countries. However, note that this is not the case for all countries. To be sure, contact the Mexican consulate in your country to find out the requirements to prove a common law relationship in order to get a permanent resident card.

Mexico permanent residency through marriage is possible if you follow the process through. While adults may need to have held a temporary resident card for two years, minors can be processed straight away.