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How to schedule an appointment through mexitel to the Mexican consulate.          

If you want to know how to schedule an appointment through Mexitel, you will have to

·         Book an appointment with the Mexican consulate by making direct contact with the Mexitel office or via email

·         Present your documents for verification

For those who wish to apply for temporary or permanent residency in Mexico, they will have to do so through Mexitel or visit the Mexican consulate nearest. Learn how to prepare for the interview and what to expect at the Mexican consulate on the day of the appointment.

How To Schedule An Appointment Through Mexitel

If you want to schedule an appointment through Mexitel, you are advised to choose the method that is most appropriate for you. The Mexican Consulate has made the process easy for applicants who can do so by

·         Phone

·         Email

·         In-person

If you want to visit the Mexican consulate office in your home country, you can do so by doing a quick search on the internet. Another way to go about it is to use the Mexican embassy website to find the address in your country. Alternatively, you can send an email to the immigration office for support [email protected]

What Is Mexitel?

Mexitel is a government website responsible for handling the appointment process bookings for all Mexican consulates all over the world. No matter where you are in the world, as long as there is a consular office in your country, you can book an appointment using your phone by just visiting the website and filling in your details.

Mexitel is a government website responsible for handling appointment bookings for all Mexican consulates all over the world.

Mexitel makes the process very easy and has been successful in decongesting the consular offices. Rather than have a crowd waiting for an interview with the authorities, applicants can just complete the application form on the Mexitel website and pick a date.

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Using Direct Contact

Not everyone gets an appointment with the Mexican consulate in their country through Mexitel, though. Some do so through direct contact with the consulate. Those who know their way to the nearest consulate to schedule appointments and get an appointment approved. The online directory to find consulates globally is

So what happens during the process?

When you get a consulate appointment, you will be given a waiting time which can be between a few days to a few weeks. This waiting time of often between the day of your interview and getting a visa.  However, there are documentary requirements before you can be used a Visa or any other travel document. The required documentation is as follows.

Passport (Original & Copy)

The Mexican consulate in your home country will request your passport number and emergency contact alongside your application form. The passport you present should be in your name and still be valid. Passports that will expire in a few weeks or months will not be accepted by the Consulate if you are applying to be a temporary resident or you want a Mexican visa.

Multiple Migration Form

If you are from a visa-exempt country, that means you can enter Mexico without a visa. So you only need to fill out an FMM form. FMM forms can be obtained at the consulate or applied for online.

FMM is a travel document that carries a 180-period validity. It cannot be transferred, and neither can it be extended or more than the approved period. This travel document grants you entry and freedom of movement within Mexico, but you can not work with it.

Also, you can apply for it through the airline company you use. Airliners charge for the FMM form alongside the airfare, and the form will be issued to you once you board the plane.

Alternatively, you can apply for it at the port of entry which may be via the land borders or airport.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

Proof Of Payment

Besides your application form and passport, you will also have to provide proof of payment for the application. This payment is made online using your credit or debit card. After making the payment, a receipt will be generated, which you have to print out.

The consulate will request the original receipt and two copies to complete your application.

The cost of the application also varies depending on what you are applying for. If you are applying for permanent or temporary residency, between 1-4 years, the application fee will vary since the fees change every year.

Duration Of Interview

Interviews don’t take too long at Mexican consulates. On average, they last for not more than 20 minutes, and the interviewer will request your documents. The questions they ask will vary but are random questions.

After the interview, if your application is approved, you will be issued a visa for a period which may be between 180 days or more.

How to schedule an appointment through Mexitel is a straightforward process, especially if you do it online. Just make sure you have your documents in order and the application fee.

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