How to Move to Mexico with Pets?

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How to move to Mexico with pets? You will need to

·         Follow the guidelines of rye airline company if you are arriving by air

·         Provide health documents and documents of ownership

If you plan to visit Mexico for business and would like to bring your pets along, there are certain guidelines and processes you must follow. This article has all the information you seek

Many tourists or visitors to Mexico city who are pet owners like to bring their pets along. A vast majority of these pets are cats and dogs, which are the pet of preference for many anyway. The good news is that the Mexican authorities will let you bring your pets in, but you need to follow the approved guidelines to make that possible.

Getting approvals for cats and dogs is relatively straightforward, but for other animals like reptiles, birds, and the likes, you will need an extra permit along with a veterinary health certificate before you can bring them with you.

Special Airline Rules

Many visitors make the mistake of assuming that only the immigration and health authorities have rules when it comes to pet transport, but this is false. Airline companies have their own set of rules, and if you don’t meet them, they won’t let you bring the pet on board.

Each airline has its own rules in addition to the kind of pets and the number of pets you can bring with you for a trip. Here are some universal rules most airline companies have.

Health Certificates: To bring your pet aboard a plane, you must show proof of vaccination and that the pet has a clean bill of health. The health certificate in question must be signed by a certified veterinarian surgeon.

Kennels & Crates: Airlines demand that the pets must be kept in kennels and crates. Dogs should be kept in kennels and cats in crates. Makeshift boxes and cardboards are not accepted because they are not durable, and the pet may tear them open.

Proper Labelling: The crate or kennel must be properly labeled with your full name, address and contact phone number of your destination. The words “Live Animals” must also be written in capital letters. Also, the pet must be tagged with a collar, if it is a dog or cat.

Baggage Fees: Airline companies charge special fees for pets based on their weight and size. Dogs are bigger and heavier than cats, so they cost more to transport. Secondly, the combined weight of the pet and the travel container must not be more than 100 lbs; otherwise, it will be rejected.  

How much the cost of the fees varies, and they are subject to change. Additional charges may be added, so make sure you do your findings in preparation for your trip. Also, note that the crate or kennel must have a moisture absorption fabric or lining to absorb the feces or urine of the pet.

Special Tip: How much the fees cost varies, and they are subject to change. Additional charges may be added, so make sure you do your findings in preparation for your trip.

Many travelers use newspapers, but they are rejected because they don’t have absorption capacity. Storing food in the kennel or crate is not allowed.

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Arriving Mexico

Once you arrive in Mexico city and the kennel or crate is discharged, the airport officials on duty will allow you to feed the pest while it is in transit for inspection. You may place pet food and water inside the storage, but the package must be sealed.

At the inspection site, health officials will examine it and request a health certificate. If your documents are in order, it will be allowed into the country.

Standard Rules

Based on current rules, you can import two pets into Mexico once per person but not more than 2. However, a couple can import up to 4 pets per trip. However, under special conditions, you can import up to three pets and above, but you will be charged extra fees for them. These fees vary depending on the type of pets and current rates.

While there are special rules for travelers coming from Canada and the US, visitors from other countries bed to show a signed and stamped health certificate by a licensed veterinarian from their home countries. The documents should include evidence of vaccines for distemper and rabies administered at least 15 days before entering Mexico city.

You need an original and a photocopy of the document headed or sealed by the licensed veterinarian or an official from your country’s health ministry. The pets to Mexico city document must have

·         Your house address in your home country

·         The address you will be staying anywhere in Mexico.

How to move to Mexico with pets requires proper packaging in approved kennels or crates and a signed health certificate by a licensed veterinarian.

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