How to get Mexican License Plates?

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How to get Mexican license plates? You need

·         Proper documentation

·         Licensing fees

·         Other administrative requirements

Many people visit Mexico with plans to stay behind for a significant period of time. Those who plan to stay back permanently with their motor vehicles will need to change their old plates to Mexican licensed plates. This article contains the information you need to get new plates.

If you drive a foreign vehicles in Mexico, you need to have license plates; otherwise, you will be breaking the law, and your car may even be impounded. Unless you are a temporary resident with a government issued permit to drive with a foreign plate, you definitely need a Mexican Licensed plate.

Even citizens are not left out too. For instance, in 2020, the new law established changes in licensed plates and also makes Mexican insurance mandatory. Soon after, vehicles were spotting the new plates. States like Quintana Roo change their plates every three years.

So how do you get a licensed plate for your vehicle?

The License Application Process

There are steps you must take to get a new plate for your car. Let’s review them below.


The documents you need to present to the authorities are

·         Old license plates

·         Original and photocopy of your passport

·         Proof of updated payment of registration fees

·         Original and photocopy of driver’s license

·         Original and photocopy of Proof of address

Once you have all these documents with you,  you should proceed to pay the application fee.

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Application Fee Payment

The application fee can be made online using a credit or debit card. This fee is paid via this website:

If you don’t want to pay online, you can pay for it in person at any of the local SEFIPLAN offices. These offices are easy to find if you do a quick search online, or you can use this link:

The disadvantage of paying at the collection office is that you may meet a queue and have to wait your turn, but if you pay for it online, you will have no such problem. After making the payment, whether online/in person, you will get a receipt. If you made an online payment, print out the receipt.

The disadvantage of paying at the collection office is that you may meet a queue and have to wait your turn, but if you pay for it online, you will have no such problem.

Visit SEFIPLAN Office

Once you have the required document and payment receipt with you, visit the office to complete your registration. The best course of action is to arrive very early to avoid long queues which will take hours before it gets to your turn. But sometimes you can never be too early as there will be other early arrivals as well.

For non Spanish speakers who require assistance, the immigration officers on duty can be of help. They can link you up with the right people to help you with any application process you require.

Documents You Need To Register A Car In Mexico

If you want to register a license plate for a foreign car in Mexico, the documents you need is different from the ones you need solely for getting a new license plate. Note that new license plates can only be issued for cars that are already registered in Mexico.

So what do you need?

You need an application form. Car registration forms can be obtained online. The form should be filled with valid information. You will also need a form of identification. For foreigners, this is actually their passports, but citizens can use their driver’s license, passport, or any other authorized means of identification.

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Proof Of Address

You need to prove your address in Mexico, and this is easy. You can use your bank statement, which bears your full name or utility bill.

Invoice Letter

The invoice letter or car invoice should be in your name. This document proves that the car you wish to register is truly yours and not stolen or belonging to somebody else.

Proof Of Tax Payment

There is a vehicle tax imposed on cars driven in Mexico, so you have to provide a document to that effect as well. You only need a recent vehicle tax receipt called Tenencia.

Once you have all these documents, you can register your car in Mexico. But you will have to do it through a licensed agente aduanal. An authorized agent will handle the process on your behalf, so you don’t run into any hitches or pay fees to the wrong people.

Alternatively, you can hire a rental car if you will only be staying for a short time.

How to get Mexican license plates for a car brought in from a foreign country is not a difficult thing to do. Just ensure that your documents are in order as recommended by federal law and that you get an authorized agent to handle the process for you.

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