How to Get Mexican Citizenship?

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How to get Mexican citizenship is a straightforward process

·         You have to qualify for it

·         You need to appear in front of the local SRE office for screening

·         You will need to present valid documents to prove you qualify for it

Applying for and getting Mexican citizenship is a process that is administered by a body called the Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores (SRW). This body is not responsible for setting the rules, but they handle the registration process.

To get your Mexican citizenship, there are a few ways it can be done through

·         Marriage

·         Adoption

·         Birth

·         Descendants of Mexican citizens

The process and documentation vary depending on the above route, but the goal remains the same.

The most popular route by far that many use to obtain Mexican citizenship is through residency. This is especially true for US citizens who share a common border with Mexico to the north.

To apply for Mexican citizenship through residency, you ought to have stayed in Mexico for up to 5 years and must have mastered the language and culture during your stay before obtaining Mexican citizenship.

To apply for Mexican citizenship through residency, you ought to have stayed in Mexico for up to 5 years and must have mastered the language and culture during your stay

Here are the steps to take to apply for citizenship.

Prepare The Paperwork

The first thing you need to do is to prepare all the documents you will need for obtaining Mexican citizenship. The official at the SRE office will check your documents thoroughly to be sure that they match. If there are any errors or confusion with your documents or information, your application will be denied.

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Appear Before The SRE

Once you are sure that you have all your documents in place, you can then pay a visit to the local SRE office in the city you live or in Mexico City. Here you will be asked to submit your paperwork and pay the application fee.

Application Processing

The SRE will verify your documents and assess your request. This process may take a few days or weeks, depending on the volume of applications submitted to the office in question. After doing their due diligence, they will send you a letter either granting or denying your request for Mexican citizenship.

Oath Of Allegiance

If the SRE grants your application, you will be asked to swear an oath of allegiance to the Mexican government. This is done through your signed affidavit. The basis of this oath is simply to state clearly that you will be loyal to your new country and that you will obey its laws.

You also agree to come to the aid of Mexico in times of war and national disasters.

Issuance Of Naturalization Card

After your affidavit of allegiance is received, the last phase of the process is for the SRE to issue you a Naturalization Card. Once you get this card, it automatically confirms you as a Mexican citizen with all the rights and privileges as any other.

Test For Language And Culture

The test for language and culture is a very important part of the process. During your application submission, the SRE officials will interact with you in Spanish to prove that you can understand and speak the language fluently. They will ask questions about Mexican culture and random questions you should be able to answer.

This test of language and culture is not difficult, but many people fail it on the first try. However, the good news is that you can retake it after 10 days and 10 days after that if you fail it. In total, you have 3 shots at passing it.

If you fail after the third try, your application will be denied, and you will have to reapply for it after a year. During this period, you are expected to get study materials available on the website of SRE to guide you.

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Difference Between Permanent Residence and Citizenship

To conclude this article, let us differentiate between who a Mexican citizen is and a permanent resident. This is borne out of the common misconception many people have regarding the two. Although they apply to foreigners in Mexico who are from a foreign country but want to change their status as citizens, they are markedly different. These persons can seek legal residency in the country from the national and local authorities near you.

People who are not born to Mexican parents and are not married to a Mexican cannot become citizens without first becoming residents first. This is why there are foreign nationals in Mexico who are permanent residents but not citizens, even though they have unrestricted rights.

Also, people in this category cannot vote in elections or buy and own properties in the country. They can’t change their address without notifying the authorities.

However, a citizen can do all these things and more. A citizen can also hold a Mexican passport while a permanent resident cannot. Another important thing to note is that Mexico allows dual nationality. This means you can become a Mexican citizen while still holding onto your original citizenship of your previous country.

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