How to Get a Mexican Passport?

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How to get a Mexican Passport?

·         Make an appointment with the Mexican consulate or immigration office

·         Attend the interview with your proof of citizenship

·         Pay the application fee

Many Mexicans, particularly those living in the diaspora and of Mexican nationality, don’t know how to get a Mexican Passport. Continue reading this article to learn more about the steps to take.

Getting a Mexican Passport is not a difficult thing to do, particularly in light of the changes done by the Ministry of the Interior to improve the application and Mexican passport issuance process. If you live outside Mexico, getting a passport should not be a problem as the Mexican government has made the process easy.

To obtain a passport, you will have to approach the Mexican consulate in the country where you live. Finding the address should not be a problem as you can do so online.

To obtain a passport, you will have to approach the Mexican consulate in the country where you live. Finding the address should not be a problem as you can do so online

But before you visit the consulate, you will need to make an appointment. Appointments can be done by phone or email. Once the appointment is fixed, the process can continue from there.

Cost Of A Mexican Passport

The cost of a Mexican passport varies. Passport costs are

·         1-year validity for children under 3 years – $38

·         3 years validity – $88

·         6 years validity – $120

·         10 years validity for those who are 18 years and above – Unconfirmed

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How To Apply For A Passport?

Now let’s take you through the process of applying for a Mexican passport. Follow these steps, and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Appointment Scheduling

To schedule an appointment, there is a portal called the SRE portal. This portal is used by applicants to submit application requests to the Consulate office. You are free to choose the date and time of the appointment depending on the office you pick and if that day will be free.

When coming for the appointment, you are expected to bring your documents with you. The documents you need will be revealed as we make progress. Note that passports are issued on the same day of application at certain consulates in certain countries, but in others, it may take the same days or weeks.

The average waiting period is 30 days. If it is an emergency, let the officer know to mark your application as an emergency.

Types Of Passport Applications

First-Time Application: First-time applications are not the same as renewal applications. For a first-timer, they must prove their Mexican nationality before they can be issued a passport. The document they need for validation is a birth certificate or a letter of naturalization.

Passport Renewal: Renewing a passport is a lot easier and more straightforward. This type of application is simply reapplying for a new one because the old one has expired or got lost. Applicants applying for renewal don’t have to present any documents to prove their nationality.

Application For Minors: The process for minor applications is slightly different. The minor must appears before the consulate officials with their parents or legal guardians. Furthermore, the guardian must prove that they have legal guardianship by showing necessary documents, and the names on the documents must match those of the minor’s birth certificate.

The documents required are not clear as of the time of writing this article, so we advise you do your findings if you want to apply for a passport for a minor before you visit the consulate.

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Documents Required To Complete Your Passport Application

Here are the documents you will need and their purposes.

Documents To Prove Nationality

If you are applying for a passport for the first time, you will need to prove your nationality to the liaison officer using any of these documents

·         Original Birth certificate issued by the Civil Registry Office of Mexico

·         Letter of Naturalization (original and copy)

·         Certified birth certificate issued by the Consular office

·         Deceleration of Mexican nationality

·         Certification of Mexican nationality

Note: For Birth certificate issues three years after birth, you will have to provide additional information.

Proof Of Identity

For proof of identity, here are the documents you will need. Note that you must provide original and copies of any of them

·         Letter of naturalization

·         Letter of graduation

·         Professional degree

·         Identity card

·         National military service card

·         Professional license

·         Certificate by National Institute for the elderly

When presenting your documents for the application, make sure that all of them are valid and accurate. It is a crime to present fictitious documents and information for a passport application.

Also, note that passports have different validity. So you will have to choose the validity you want. Infants under 3 years must have passports with a valid period of fewer than 3 years. People over 3 years and up to 18 years can get a 6 years passport, but only those who are 18 years and above can get a passport that will last for 10 years.

If you didn’t know how to get a Mexican passport before, now you do.

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