What is a CURP Number and How Do I Get One?

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This is a number of unique population registry codes required for administrative tasks and other government services. And you can apply for a CURP online.

If you live or do business in Mexico, you must have heard about the CURP number. This population registry unique code is issued to each adult individual for performing administrative tasks. CURP numbers are required for citizens and foreigners alike who live and work in Mexico.

This personal ID code number is called Clave Unica de Registro de Poblacion  or Unique Population Registration Code. Every person has a unique CURP code generated for them by the Mexican government, and it contains their name and birth date. The amazing thing about CURP is that once one is generated for you, it is used for the whole of your natural life and doesn’t change. It remains in the civil registry individual records.

This number is called Clave Unica de Registro de Poblacion  or Unique Population Registration Code. Every person has a unique CURP code generated for them by the Mexican government, and it contains their name and birth date.

Why You Need A Mexico CURP Number: What Is A Mexican CURP Number

Without this number, you can’t function in Mexican society since you will need it for almost anything. You use CURP to do the following

Pay your taxes

If you do business or work in Mexico, you can’t pay your taxes without your CURP number. This number is used to identify you as a taxpayer. And as you already know, if you don’t pay your taxes, you will be violating the law, which can lead to sanctions.

Open bank accounts

In recent years, the number of people using the banking system has expanded even into the remote areas of inner cities. As a resident in Mexico, you need banking services from time to time to get paid or to pay for services and goods. Not having a bank account can complicate your stay in Mexico as you will be shut out from certain economic opportunities.

Buy a car and register it

Buying a car is one thing, but registering it is another. The CURP number will be required to purchase and register the car. This way, the relevant authorities can know car owners and track stolen vehicles.

Get a driver’s license

You can not apply for a driver’s license without a CURP code. Your driver’s license allows you to drive cars even as a foreign resident in Mexico.

Enjoy social facilities

Social facilities like hospitals and educational facilities will require a CURP code. When you visit public and private medical facilities, you have to provide a CURP number to access certain government-run health services. The same is the case if you are a student in any of Mexico’s academic institutions.

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How To Get Mexican CURP?

Now that you know what CURP is, how then do you get one? If you are a foreigner living in Mexico, this is a number you definitely need. And it is printed on the resident card issued to you by any of the CURP government offices.

The number has 18 alphanumeric characters, similar to the Social Security Number issued to US citizens and residents. It has four letters from the bearer’s name, a first letter from the paternal surname, and the first vowel from the paternal surname, among other details.

To apply for a CURP, you will need to visit the INM office or the national population registry in the city where you live. The immigration office is open from Mondays to Fridays. Note that the officer will request these documents to complete your application and generate a number for you.

·         Resident Card

·         Original and photocopy of your passport

·         CURP request letter

Online Application

You can also apply for CURP online through the INM portal. If you plan to do it online, you must upload your documents in the appropriate boxes. Many foreigners in Mexico prefer online application because it is easier and faster. Make sure you don’t use inappropriate words while filling out the form

A CURP card is very easy to apply for as the process is quite seamless. Once you get your card, make sure you make copies of the card and laminate the original one to protect it from wear and tear. For unofficial purposes, you can always use the photocopy but only present the original one for official purposes.

However, should you lose the original, the good news is that you can always print a new one from the INM portal.


What is a Mexican CURP Number? Now we are sure you know what it is. If you are planning to visit Mexico and will be staying for an extended period, know that you will have to apply for one as soon as you enter the country so you can perform administrative tasks effortlessly.

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