Mexico Temporary Resident Visa

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What do I need to get a Mexico temporary resident visa? You will need

·         A valid passport

·         Application form

·         Application fee

And other required information to complete the application for a temporary residency visa. Kindly read in to know more.

If you plan to visit Mexico anytime soon, you should already know that you can only do so if you have a travel visa issued by the Mexican consulate in your country. Unless you are from a visa exempt country, you definitely need a visa to enter Mexico. But note that you dont need a temporary residency visa if you are qualified for permanent residency.

There are different types of visas issued to visitors seeking permanent residency in Mexico, and one of them is a temporary resident visa. This document issued by the local immigration office not only allows you to enter Mexico; it also grants you clearance to stay in the country for a short time.

Types Of Temporary Resident Visa

Anyone coming in on a temporary resident visa Mexico is issued one of three types of visas under this category. They are as follows.

Mexico Work Visa

A work residency visa is issued to a holder, which allows him or her to work while in Mexico. This document is different from the Multiple Migration Form, which allows entry but not access to job opportunities.

With a work visa, you can get paid employment in Mexico, but you need a work permit first before you get the visa. Holders of this document can live and work in any of Mexico’s states without restrictions as it grants them the right of obtaining legal residency.

Student Visa

The second type of temporary resident visa is a student visa which is different from a tourist visa. This one is specially created for foreign students who wish to school to any of Mexico’s institutions of learning. To apply for this visa, you ought to have been issued an admission by a school in Mexico first.

After receiving the admission, you can then proceed to the Mexican consulate in your country to apply for a student visa. The visa is issued with a valid duration to cover the amount of time required to complete the course so it may be a temporary and permanent residency visa.

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Family Visa

A family visa is issued to the family members of foreign nationals who live and work in Mexico. If you are currently domiciled in the country and you want your family to join you, instead then apply for a visa for each individual member, you can apply for a joint family visa to cover everyone.

Requirements For A Mexico Temporary Resident Visa Application

Applying for a temporary Mexican visa from the Mexican government requires the following supporting documents.

Application Form

Applicants must fill out an application form for a temporary residency permit and attach supporting documents to it. The form can be downloaded and filled out online, but it has to be printed out and signed. For minors, their legal guardians or parents must sign the form on their behalf.

Valid Passport

You need a valid passport to apply for a temporary visa to Mexico. The passport must have at least 6 months of validity and blank pages for the visa to be affixed. The passport must be in your name and contain the exact details you filled in your application form. Presenting a different Passport to the one you filled in the form is not accepted.

Photocopies of the main passport page showing your details should be attached to the relevant pages in the application form.

Passport Photograph

The form is incomplete without your recent passport photograph. The photographs should be included in the relevant pages.

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Visa Fee

There is a visa fee that you must pay for application processing. Downloading the form is free, but the consulate will request a few to process your application.

Other Document

Some other documents besides a valid passport will be requested of you to process your application. Some of them include

·         Proof of work permit or contract by your new employer in Mexico

·         Proof of school enrollment for Student visa

·         Proof of family relationships (family visa)

·         Other necessary information and/or documents

Wage Requirements

Despite being a temporary travel document, there is a wage requirement for a temporary resident visa to prove economic solvency. Only those who can show proof that they have earned about $2600 monthly for the past 6 months can qualify for a temporary visa to Mexico. This income has to be proved beyond reasonable doubt by showing a bank statement to that effect.

If you can show proof of $2600 income for 6 months, their other option is to show investments or savings to the tune of about $43000 over the last 12 months before submitting the application. You can show proof of this by attaching a bank statement showing your transaction details.

If you don’t have cash transfers into your bank account, another alternative is to get a notary document issued by the Mexican government proving ownership of a company, property, or business worth a minimum of $320,000.

So, in a nutshell, there are one of three wage requirements you need to qualify for a Mexican visa which is to show proof of $2600 income monthly for the past 6 months, investment of savings of $43000 over the last 12 months or a notarized copy by a Mexican Notary showing proof of $320,000 worth of investment, business or a company.

If you can provide financial proof that falls under any of these three conditions, you will qualify for a temporary Mexican resident visa.

So, in a nutshell, there are one of three wage requirements you need to qualify for a Mexican visa which is to show proof of $2600 income monthly for the past 6 months, investment of savings of $43000 over the last 12 months or a notarized copy by a Mexican Notary showing proof of $320,000 worth of investment, business or a company

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Mexican Temporary Visa Application Process

A Temporary Visa is issued to visitors who plan to stay for between 6 months to 4 years. This visa is given depending on the condition or situation of the applicant and is renewable every one year, but after the third year, the holder doesn’t have to apply for renewal for a fourth year.

However, if they wish to remain in Mexico beyond, then they can approach the INM for a permanent resident visa.

So how does the process work?

Firstly you submit the filled application form along with your valid passport and other documents for vetting. The consulate will verify all your details and issue the visa if you meet all the requirements.

After it is approved, you can then make the trip to Mexico. Once you arrive at the airport, the immigration officer on duty will stamp your passport to confirm you as a tourist. The tourist confirmation process must be completed within 30 days after your arrival, so you will need to return to the immigration office to do so.

If, for any reason, you decide to travel outside Mexico while your visa is still running, you need to seek the permission of INM to travel. You can do this in person or use the help of a professional who understands the process.

The exit permit may take as long as 7 days to come true, so make sure you apply for it as early as possible, so your plans will not be disrupted. This letter has to be shown to the immigration officer at the exit point when you are leaving.

The good thing about having an exit permit is that you can remain outside the country for at least 60 days, and your visa will not be canceled.

Important Things To Take Note Of

Here are important titbits to be mindful of regarding Mexico temporary resident visas.

Never Return To Mexico As A Tourist

Once you receive and enter Mexico as a temporary or permanent resident, never re-enter the country as a tourist should you leave Mexico when your visa is still running.. If you do, the visa will be voided. To avoid making such a mistake, confer with the immigration offices at the exit point and let them know that you already have a resident visa running in your name.

They will direct you on how to fill out the form given to you so that you don’t void your visa when you return to Mexico.

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Free Entry/Exit

The good thing about having a Mexico visa is that you can enter and exit the country as you wish as long as the visa is still valid. Currently, there is no limit placed on the number of times you can leave Mexico on a temporary resident visa. But note that you will have to live in Mexico for most part of the year.

You Can’t Apply While In Mexico

You cannot apply for a temporary visa while you are in Mexico unless you are doing so for your family members or you have Mexican ancestry. Temporary Visas are mainly used for outside the country. So if you are already in Mexico, you have to leave for your home country to apply for it.

You Can Work

Holders of temporary Visas are allowed to work and can change employers, but they need to notify the immigration authorities of such changes. They also have to inform the authorities about changes to their status from single to married.

Different Procedures and Laws

Mexico may be one country, but the immigration laws differ from state to state, as well as their application process. The modus operandi in one state may be different from another and is often complicated. To avoid delays and mistakes, you should consider hiring an immigration specialist like a lawyer to handle the application for you.

Where To Apply For a Temporary Visa

The body responsible for all visa application matters is the National Immigration Institute (INM), but they work through the Mexican consulate in foreign countries. The INM application process is relatively straightforward from stet to finish, and you will receive feedback not too long after you submit your application.

·         You contact the Mexican consulate in your home country to schedule an appointment directly or through Mexitel

·         Complete the application form by providing accurate information in the appropriate fields

·         Attach the required documents to the physical form

·         Pay the application fee and submit the form for processing

·         If the application is approved, you pick up your passport with the visa attached to it

The process is very easy, especially if you are in your country and dealing directly with the Mexican consulate.

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How Long Will The Application Take?

The waiting time period depends on several factors, especially the number of applications the embassy is handling at the time. The standard time is one week after application and document submission, but you may have to wait for up to one month but not more than that.

Pro tip: To avoid delays, it is best to submit your application at least 1 month before you plan to make the trip, so you are not held back for much longer due to a slow process.

Temporary Visa Application Fee

A temporary resident visa application costs just $36, but this fee is subject to change depending on the process of the embassy in your country and prevailing exchange rates. The fee may also increase depending on the application method.

The embassy may even request an extra fee.

Besides the application fee, there is a separate FMM fee once you arrive. This fee is $30, but this is also subject to change. Then there is the Temporary Residency card fee which is which is priced depending on the validity period.

Resident card process range from 3,000-7,000 Pesos or its equivalent in dollars or your local currency.

Word Of Caution

Mexican temporary resident visa is non-transferable and must be converted into a resident card within 30 days after your arrival. While in Mexico, make sure you abide by the laws of the state where you live; otherwise, your visa may be revoked, and you will be deported. Don’t forget to visit the Mexican immigration authorities to renew your visa every one year. This should be done at least 3o days before it expires. By the third year, you don’t have to renew it for the fourth year. After then, you can apply for a permanent resident visa.

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