Mexico Gold Visa Program

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What is the Mexico Gold Visa Program? This is a special program for

·         Investors who want to invest in Mexico

·         It allows the holder to stay in the country for a period of time

Mexico issues different types of visas to foreign nationals who wish to enter and stay in the country for different reasons, and a Gold Visa is one of them. This article contains all the necessary information about this visa program, so read till the end to learn more.

The Gold Visa Program

The Mexican consulates in other countries are responsible for issuing temporary resident visa to applicants who wish to enter Mexico, and the Mexico Gold Visa is one of such visas. This visa has a validity of 180 days for a single entry. Once you arrive in Mexico, you must visit the National Immigration Institute to exchange it for a temporary resident card within 30 days of your arrival.

The temporary residence card you will receive will be valid for one year, and you have the option to renew it every year up until the point when you qualify for a permanent resident card.

The Gold Visa allows the holder, who is an investor, to earn profits off their shares and investment like a Mexican citizen can. It also grants them the rights to the investment for as long as it runs. Beyond that, a Gold visa holder can trade in the tax system for any other professional or independent economic activity and can also enjoy the economic proceeds therein.

To work in Mexico after entering with a Gold visa, you need a work permit. The work permit is issued by the National Immigration Institute as well, and it allows you to engage in any paid economic activity anywhere in the country.

Requirements For Investing In Mexico

Only those who meet the requirements to invest in Mexico can qualify for a Gold visa. To get the visa, you will have to prove to the Mexican authorities that you have the financial capacity to do so. Here are the requirements you must meet.

·         You must present a deed to show an investment capital that has the potential to make future and regular profit.

·         You must present a title issued by a public notary which proves that you are the owner of the investment and that the investment can make a specified income annually

Note: There are other documents you need to present, but the ones cited above are paramount.

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Documents You Need To Validate your Investment For A Gold Visa

Let us look at the documents you will need to validate your investment in Mexico as a foreign national.

Temporary/Investment Visa

One document you will need is an investment or a temporary visa. Although the National Immigration Institute does not lay out the conditions for this one, the Mexican consulate in your country will provide you with the information. To kickstart the process, you must apply for a temporary visa which will enable you to enter Mexico. The Mexican consulate will only issue you this document if you can provide beyond reasonable doubt that you have the financial capacity to invest in the country.

The Mexican consulate will only issue you this document if you can provide beyond reasonable doubt that you have the financial capacity to invest in the country.

But what is a Temporary visa?

A temporary visa is a travel document issued to visitors who wish to visit and reside in Mexico regularly. This visa is only valid for one year, but it can be extended every year, at least 30 days before its expiry.

Financial Criteria For A Mexico Gold Visa Program

Before you can start investing in any economic or business activities in Mexico or create a business entity to that effect, the Consulate will verify your financial capacity. The estimated amount you need to invest in Mexico to qualify for this visa program is MXN 3.2 million (or its equivalent in dollars).

To get this amount in your local currency, you can do the conversion into dollars and from dollars into your local currency. However, note that all consulates don’t have the same criteria. Some consulates request a higher or lower amount before they will grant you a temporary visa.

To be on the safe side, there are two things you can do; you can either contact the consulate in your home country to ascertain the amount, or you can contact a Mexico immigration lawyer online to know more. A lawyer will be in the best position to advise you on the amount you will need as an investment fund.

Or better still, visit a Mexican consulate located in your city.

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Documents You Need To Start A Company

If you plan to start a company in Mexico with your investment fund after receiving the Gold visa, you will need

·         A notarized document to prove your role as an investor

·         Provide an account information containing the investment amount

Then apply for a temporary visa and submit these documents along with your valid visa to the consulate for review.

Mexico Gold visa program grants you access to Mexican industries and investment opportunities with their foreign investment. To help you navigate the entire process without stress, we recommend hiring an immigration lawyer. If you are law-abiding and fulfill the terms of your temporary residency, you can apply for a permanent resident visa in four years’ time.

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