Mexico visa for Ukraine (Electronic Travel Authorisation – eTA)(SAE)

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Mexico visa for Ukraine (SAE) (Electronic Travel Authorisation)(ETA)

What is the Mexico visa for Ukraine SAE?

·         It is a travel document that grants Ukrainians access to the country

·         It is obtained electronically over the internet

If there is one country many Ukrainians have found solace in amidst the turmoil back at home, that country is Mexico. Mexico is a lovely country, and Mexicans accept visitors to their country. The average visitor influx into Mexico on an annual basis is over 90 million tourists per annum. Of this number, there are Ukrainians too. Read on to know how to apply for SAE Mexico electronic authorization system,

Mexico Visa For Ukraine: What Is SAE?

SAE is an electronically generated travel document used by the government of Mexico through its Ministry of The Interior. The Mexico ETA is only given to citizens of selected countries, namely

·         Ukraine

·         Russia

·         Turkey

·         Brazil

So as a Ukrainian, you can apply for SAE to enter Mexico, and unlike citizens of the other approved countries, you are not limited to a period of time that you can stay in the country. The government of Mexico will let you into the country whether you plan to stay for a short time or indefinitely.

The only exception is if you already hold a temporary or resident visa. For such persons, they can enter the country without applying for SAE.

The SAE and FMM are complementary documents that Ukrainians can apply for. FMM is popularly called a Mexico tourist card, but it is really not but a short-term document that allows Ukrainians to enter the country for a short time.

How To Apply For SAE?

Applying for SAE is easy and straightforward. Before you do, make sure you prepare your documents. Once you are done, visit the official SAE website.

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Fill Out The Application Form

The first thing to do is to fill out the SAE application form. This form can be obtained online, and you can complete the process with your smartphone or laptop. Just make sure you have a strong internet connection.

The basic information includes

·         Name

·         Gender

·         Date and place of birth

·         Nationality

·         Passport details

·         Reason for travel

Besides the above, you will be asked routine health questions and security-related questions about whether you have a criminal history.

Submit The Form And Print Out A Copy

Once you have filled the form, submit it for approval and print a copy. The Mexican authorities will get back to you in less than 24 hours via the same email you used in submitting the form. If your application is approved, a confirmation mail will be sent to you.

The hard copy is what the immigration officers will use to verify your eligibility, so bring it along with you on the trip and present it to them.

Note: Unless there is a problem with the application portal, you should get feedback within a day but note that the INM in Mexico reserves full right to reject your application even though it was approved online before you made the trip. This is why it is in your best interest to fill out only accurate information. Also, make sure you are clear regarding the purpose of your trip. What you filled in the form should be the same answer you give when answering questions at the entry point

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Required Documents

The documents required to apply for SAE are as follows

A Valid Passport

You need a valid Ukrainian passport that will not expire for at least the next 6 months. Passports that will expire soon after will not be accepted. Also, the information you provide in the form should be the same as in your passport.

Proof Of Funds

There is a minimum financial requirement you must meet before having your application approved. Based on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, this requirement may be waived, so contact the SAE website to know more.

Proof Of Address

Where you plan to stay is another information the authorities request from applicants. But if you are applying on humanitarian grounds, this requirement may be waived. Please contact the SAE website to know more about how to app[ly for one.


A passport photograph showing your face clearly without facial expression, spectacle, or headgear is required. Attach it to your form. The passport-sized photograph must be older than 6 months old.

Pro tip: Applications may be denied if the picture is not clear. If you are using your phone, make sure you are close to a natural light source, and make sure your eyes and face are facing the camera. To avoid a blurry image, let someone else take the picture or place the phone on a tripod stand.

Mexico Visa for Ukraine is open to all Ukrainian citizens who have valid passports. You can apply for it even if you wish to enter Mexico via land or sea, and there are no limits to how long you can stay in the country.

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