How Long Can I Stay in Mexico?

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How long can I stay In Mexico?

·         That will depend on the Mexican visa issued to you by the authorities

·         Tourist visas have a maximum 6 months validity

·         Other documents range from 1 year and above

If you plan to visit Mexico anytime soon and would like to know how long you can stay in the country, this article contains all the information you need, so kindly read on

Mexico is an amazing country with lovely weather and great flora and fauna. Every year, millions of people visit the Latino country from around the world for business and especially for pleasure and some even take up permanent residency. These visitors come from countries divided into two groups.

The first group is the Visa required group. This is the larger group, and citizens from countries under this category require a visa before they can enter Mexico.

The second group is the Visa exempt group. Citizens from countries with visa exempt status don’t require a visa to enter Mexico.

How Long Can You Stay In Mexico?

How long you stay in Mexico will depend on your mode of entry and the Mexican visa you hold. Different documents have different validity periods, with the shortest one being the 180 days period. Here are the various travel documents and Mexican visa issued by the Mexican consulate or immigration and how long they last.


FMM means Forma Migratoria Multiple or Multiple Migration Form. This form is not mexican visa but a travel document issued to visitors who come from Visa exempt countries. There are currently more than 60 countries on this list, and their citizens can enter Mexico without holding a visa.

Getting FMM is easy as you can do so online or when you arrive in Mexico you can approach the immigration office. Although it is called a tourist visa, it really is not, but most of the holders visit the country for pleasure. FMM has a 180 days validity, so if you have this document, you can stay in Mexico for that long but it is not for permanent residency.

However, it can not be transferred or extended after it is stamped by an immigration officer and made active. You also cannot work in Mexico with FMM; neither is it transferrable. On the day you depart, the immigration office will request one-half of the stamped form given to you. Failure to provide this part will attract a fine.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

Temporary Residency Permit

Another way you can enter Mexico is if you have a residency permit. This permit is issued to foreigners who dint qualify for FMM. The permit allows you to enter Mexico and is attached to a valid Mexican visa. The maximum time you can stay in Mexico with a temporary resident permit is 1 Year

You have certain access and privileges if you have a temporary residency permit, like opening a bank account. Staying in Mexico beyond the 180-day period is a violation, and you will be fined before you are deported.

You have certain access and privileges if you have a temporary residency permit, like opening a bank account. Staying in Mexico beyond the 180-day period is a violation, and you will be fined before you are deported

Under special conditions, a temporary residency can be extended for as long as 4 years, but the initial issue is always 1 year; unlike FMM, you can renew it at least 30 days before it expires. For the first year, you can renew it for 1-3 years. However, after renewing it for up to 3 years, you don’t have to return to restart it again until it expires on the 4th year.

However, if you are staying in Mexico ad a temporary resident, you must inform the immigration authorities of your location. In case you decide to change your address, you must notify the local office of your new address.

Furthermore, you can leave and return to Mexico as you wish for as long as the document is valid. When leaving the country during the valid period, the immigration office will issue you an FMM form which you must fill, out and stamp it to give you clearance. The form must bear the same name you have on your valid passport.

Note: if you already have temporary residency, don’t enter Mexico as a visitor; otherwise, your temporary or permanent residency status will change to an irregular visitor, which will affect your document.

Permanent Residency

Then there is the permanent residency which can be grated straight away or after living in the country under temporary residence for four years. This document does not have an expiry date, but it can be surrendered by you or withdrawn by the Mexican immigration authorities

You can enter and leave Mexico as you wish since there are no restrictions, just that you will have to fill and have an FMM form stamped.

How long can I stay in Mexico depends on the travel document and the validity period attached to it.

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