Mexico tourist card questions

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What is the FMM tourist permit?

The Forma Migratoria Mltiple, is a tourist permit that allows tourists and visitors to travel in Mexico.

While the FMM is frequently referred to as a “visa,” it is not a visa and is not the same as the Mexican visa necessary for nationals of designated countries.

For example, United States and Canadian citizens do not require a visa to visit Mexico but must get an FMM tourist pass.

How long can you stay in Mexico with an FMM?

If you enter Mexico as a tourist or business visitor, the immigration official at the port of entry will allow you a maximum number of days to remain; this number will be stated on the visitor’s visa for your reference and will not exceed 180 days.

If the immigration official gives you an FMM for fewer than 180 days; the FMM cannot be extended.

The visitor’s FMM will expire once the days specified on the permit are over, and you will have to leave mexico before it expires.

Do I need an FMM tourist pass to visit Baja?

Yes. Tourists from all over the world are required by Mexican law to get an FMM tourist permit for any journey into Baja.

Along the Peninsula, you may encounter INM checks where they want to see your passport and FMM as required by the Mexican immigration authority.

If you lose your FMM tourist permit, you are not considered to comply with Mexican law, and they may invalidate your Mexican vehicle insurance.

Each individual, including youngsters aged two and above, requires their FMM.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

What about the “free zone” for quick cross-border trips?

Starting September 2015, there is no longer a “free zone,” and all visitors to Baja, regardless of destination or length of stay, must get a FMM. If you stay in Mexico for seven days or fewer, you can acquire a free FMM, but you must still stop at the border to complete the paperwork.

How long must I stay outside Mexico before returning with a fresh visitor permit (FMM)?

There is no restriction on when you must stay outside Mexico before returning with a fresh visiting permit.

You might leave and come back on the same day. However, if you repeatedly leave and re-enter Mexico with a visiting permit, an immigration official will investigate your intentions when you re-enter.

What is the cost of an FMM?

You may obtain your prepaid FMM for $40 if you apply for it online. As of January 1, 2022, the cost of obtaining your FMM at the border is 638 pesos.

If you go to Mexico for seven days or fewer, you can get a free FMM at the border.

What do I need to obtain an FMM tourist permit?

You must have a passport or passport card valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in Mexico.

Keep in mind that because passport books and passport cards have distinct numbers, you must carry whatever one you use to receive your FMM.

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