Is the FMM form free?

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Is the FMM Form Free? Do you have to pay anything to obtain this Form to gain entry into Mexico for a short period?

·         The Form is free for visitors who intend to stay for only 7 days or less

·         Visitors who plan on staying in Mexico for more than 7 days will have to pay for it

There is so much to know if you plan to apply for Forma Migratoria Multiple, and this article contains all the vital information, so keep reading.

Mexico is an open and friendly country with diplomatic relations with close to 200 recognized countries and islands across the globe. Of this number, Mexico has a favorable immigration policy with more than 60 of them.

Citizens from FMM-approved countries don’t have to apply for a Mexican visa to enter Mexico if they are only staying for a few weeks old days, not longer than 6 months. That is not to say that they don’t need a tourist visa on all occasions to enter Mexico.

If you come from an FMM-approved country and you are eligible for this fmm tourist pass, you will still need to apply and be granted a Mexican visa in order to enter Mexico. This situation has created some sort of confusion among many, which is why the information in this article is important.

Below, we address FMM in detail and provide you with all the information you need in order to successfully apply for it if you qualify.

What Is FMM?

FMM is an acronym that stands for Forma Migratoria Multiple, which means Multiple Immigration Form. This Form is an upgraded version of Mexico’s former tourist visa issued to visitors who are visiting the country for a very short time.

FMM tourist permits are exclusive travel documents issued to visitors who arrive in Mexico by air or through its northern border through the United States or the southern border through Guatemala and Belize to the South East.

FMM tourist permits are exclusive travel documents issued to visitors who arrive in Mexico by air or through its northern border through the United States or the southern border through Guatemala and Belize to the South East.

The document is only valid for those who are approved under the FMM list of countries and intend to stay in the country as visitors or less.

Furthermore, an FMM tourist must not engage in any kind of paid work when they enter Mexico. To do that, you will have to apply for a visa that offers work permit opportunities.

To better help an FMM tourist enjoy easy access, the government has simplified the process. This is why an FMM tourist can apply online, even in their home countries or when they arrive at the airport or any of Mexico’s land borders.

Airlines include the FMM tourist fee as part of their tickets, while you will have to pay for it on arrival at the point of entry if you haven’t already done so online prior to your arrival.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

Is The FMM Form free?

Mexico’s FMM tourist form is not free unless for those who plan to stay for only 7 days or less after they enter Mexico. Payment for the Form is made online using a Visa, or Mastercard issued Credit or Debit card. This makes it easy to apply for it as you don’t have to interact with an agent or immigration office in person.

Once you get your FMM document, you can enter into Mexico through any of the following states by land.

·         Chihuahua

·         Coahuila

·         Baja California

·         Tamaulipas

·         Sonora

·         Nuevo Leon

Only visitors with a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity may apply for it, and they have to fill in their full details and their valid passport number, and other relevant information.

Who Should Apply For an FMM?

For starters, only people who are eligible citizens from FMM-approved countries may apply for this FMM tourist travel document to enter Mexico. The only difference is that those coming in as residents will have to go a different route when completing their documentation with the immigration officer.

Before we continue, there is a common misconception among visitors that they don’t need to apply for FMM if they plan to stay in Mexico for 2 days or less or if they will only stay within Mexico’s free zone area for a short while.

This information is inaccurate because they still need to apply for FMM. Their processing is done at the immigration stations at the border. Though negatives of Belize and Guatemala and United States nationals who live close to the border tend to enter and exit Mexico without holding an FMM tourist visa, which is still termed an illegal entry though prosecutions are often very low.

So if you are from an FMM-approved country and intend to stay for 180 days or less, you should apply for an FMM tourist visa. Here are the categories of visitors who apply for it.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!


Most FMM tourist visa applicants are tourists who visit any of Mexico’s legendary tourist sites and caves. Tourists visit Mexico for pleasure and stay for only a short time. In fact, we will argue that most FMM applications are by tourists. The tourist visa document grants them access to any part of the country throughout their stay.


Students attending a course in Mexico for a few months will have to apply for FMM if their country is approved. If the course lasts beyond six months, they have to approach the Mexican embassy in their home countries to apply for a student visa.

If they plan to drive a car during their stay they also need to apply for Mexican auto insurance.


Mexico is a member of many regional and international organizations like the WHO, UNICEF, and the like. Their membership attracts a lot of charity volunteers who visit the country for different missions.

Business People

Business people should not be confused with workers. FMM does not grant employment status to a visitor, and the law is clear that FMM holders are not to engage in any kind of work.

Rather than business people, we mean investors or visitors engaged in any economic activity that will require them to visit the country and stay for a short time. These people don’t have to apply for a Mexican visa.

How Much Will FMM Cost Me?

The cost of obtaining FMM is $30, which is equivalent to $595 Mexican Pesos. How you make payment will depend on your mode of application. If you apply at the border or airport when you arrive, you will make the payment at the point of entry processing office.

If you apply online, the payment will have to be made with your credit or debit card. However, if you are flying in, the airline will charge it to your ticket.

Once you present the Form to the Mexican immigration authorities, they will stamp a date on it and append their signature, then break it into half and hand over the smaller piece to you.

This piece should be kept safe throughout your stay in Mexico, and you will have to surrender it when it is time to leave Mexico at the departure point.

However, do note that this fee is not required if you plan to stay in Mexico for only 7 days or less. For short-term visitors, FMM is free.

Note: Failure to provide FMM when it is time to leave Mexico will be treated as a violation. If you overstay your welcome and the document expires while you are within Mexico’s borders, this will also be a violation and will attract a fine. In worse cases, you may never be allowed back into Mexico in the future.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

How To Obtain Mexico FMM

Here are the following ways to apply for Mexico’s FMM besides applying at the nearest Mexican consulate office.

Online Application

The easiest and fastest way to apply for FMM is to do so online. Many visitors prefer this method because it helps them avoid delays at the entry point. To apply for it online, you need your passport and personal information, same as other methods.

You will have to provide your email and make payment with a link using your debit or credit card. The platform through which you made payment will send the forms to your email address.

After you get the Form, make sure you download and print it out, as you will be asked to provide a hard copy when you arrive in Mexico for validation.


Another way to obtain FMM is to do so indirectly through the airline company. Airlines charge the fee in addition to the transport fare. Once on board, the airline staff will provide you with the Form to fill, and you are to hold the copy and present it once you touch it down in Mexico.

Point of entry

The other method is to wait until you get to the entry point. This method will delay you because many visitors apply for FMM this way, and on the worst day, you may meet so many people in the queue, especially if you are coming through Mexico’s land borders.

Once you arrive at the airport or land border, you will be issued the Form, which you will have to pay for in cash or your debit or credit card.

Required Information For FMM

When filling your FMM, your personal details will be required, and it is your responsibility to ensure that all your information is accurate. Here are some of the details required.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

Persona Information

Your personal details are required, and this will include your full name and your date of birth. Ensure that your name is written boldly and in the same order as it appears on your passport.

Passport Information

Your passport information is required as well. Your passport number, date of issue, and validity have to appear on the FMM form. Note that only passports that will be valid for at least 6 months as of the time you arrive in Mexico will be accepted. Anything less than six months may be rejected since you risk overstaying.

Also, note that the passport you use has to be the same passport you arrive in the country with.

Travel Details

What is your purpose for visiting Mexico, and which is your intended point of entry? This information is required. If you will be arriving at any of Mexico’s international airports, indicate it. If you are coming through a land border, indicate the land border. Don’t fill out the form unless you are sure.

Reminders To Bear In Mind



Forma Migratoria Multiple is only meant for citizens of FMM-approved countries who plan to stay in Mexico for a very short time. If you are not from an FMM-approved country, you must apply for a visa. If you are a student from an FMM-approved country and plan to visit Mexico for a course longer than 6 months, you can apply for a student visa.


The FMM is only valid for 6 months and not more. You cannot use the same FMM for two visits. Even if you leave Mexico before the 6 months expiration, you still have to apply for a new one if you plan to visit the country once again.

Staying beyond the 6 months is a violation, and you will be sanctioned in accordance with Mexican laws.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

Not For Workers

Anybody who applies for FMM is not eligible to work in Mexico while in the country. If you intend to work, you will have to apply for a different document entirely, like a visa.

Is The FMM Form free FAQ

Who Can Apply For FMM?

Only nationals of FMM-approved countries may apply for FMM. Non-nationals have to apply for a Visa to enter Mexico.

What Is The Penalty For Overstaying?

The penalty is a fine determined by the number of days you overstayed. The higher the days, the higher the amount will be.

Can I Use The Same FMM twice?

No, you may not. You can only use it once and relinquish it at the point of departure.


Is the FMM Form free? No, it is not unless for visitors who plan to stay for only 7 days or less. FMM can be obtained online or at the point of entry. The process is easy and straightforward but makes sure you only fill in the right details and you abide by the laws of your host all through your stay.

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