Fmm forma migratoria multiple

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Have you heard of FMM Forma Migratoria Multiple? It is

·         A travel document issued to foreign nationals of eligible countries to enter Mexico

·         It is not a Mexico visa but has been popularly referred to as a tourist visa

This article contains important information to help you apply for one and how to validate it, so continue reading to know more.

Mexico is one of the most visited countries in the world, and it is home to amazing flora and fauna. The factors that attract visitors from all corners of the globe are numerous.

The Latino country has several historical sites, lovely weather, proximity to the United States, and connects North and South America. On top of that, the lovely cuisines and annual carnivals are other side attractions that draw in many visitors yearly. And when you consider the temperate weather, Mexico becomes a haven for visitors from cold regions looking for some warmth.

If you wish to visit Mexico soon or in the not too distant future, you have two options. You either apply for a standard Mexican visa or Forma Migratoria Multiple if you are eligible.

FMM Forma Migratoria Multiple

FMM Forma Migratoria Multiple, or FMM for short, is a travel document issued by the government of Mexico to foreign nationals through its immigration ministry to citizens of FMM eligible countries who intend to visit Mexico for a short stay.

This document is actually not a Mexico visa, but it has been referred to as one in recent times. FMM is a document that grants waivers to citizens of No visa countries. Rather than follow the traditional route of applying to the Mexican consulate in their home countries for a Mexico visa, they can apply for it.

The document is also easy to get. You can apply for the form online, approach the Mexican consulate in your country, pay for it through your airline ticket, or even wait until you arrive in Mexico to get one.

The options to pay for FMM are several, and you don’t have to wait several days, weeks, or months to get your application approved. You can have it approved in a matter of hours if you apply for the form online, but approval is instant if you wait until you arrive at the entry point.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

Not For Everyone

Forma Migratoria Multiple is not for every visitor since everyone does not qualify for it. It is only open to nationals whose countries are under Mexico’s No visa policy. Some of the above 60 countries on the list include

·         Germany

·         China

·         Japan

·         South Korea

·         UK

·         United States

·         EU member states

·         South Africa

And a few others, to mention a few.

As a visitor to Mexico on an FMM Tourist card, you can only stay in Mexico for not more than 180 days. On or before the card’s expiration, you ought to leave the country so as not to face sanctions. And should you decide to return at a future date, you have to apply for another FMM and you don’t need a Mexican visa.

Types Of FMM

There are two types of FMM, namely the Land and Air FMM issued by the Mexican immigration authority. These can be applied by using the official government Website.

Land FMM

The land FMM is the one issued to visitors who enter Mexico through its borders. The country shares borders with three countries, namely The United States to the North and Belize and Guatemala to the South. Here are the conditions and requirements you must meet to get a Land FMM and have it approved at the immigration office.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

General Conditions

You can only apply for a land FMM if you have a valid passport that is at least 6 months valid. The passport must be issued by your home government and bear your name as it appears on your application.

A Land FMM is issued to allow you to love freely within Mexico’s borders, but it can not be used to travel out of the country. When filling an FMM, there is a box you must tick to indicate an oath that all the information provided by you is true, subject to penalties if they are not.

This travel document can be obtained online or when you arrive at the entry point in any part of the country. Furthermore, you are not allowed to engage in paid work during your time in Mexico since it is not a work or tourist visa. Working during your stay will be viewed as a violation you may be fined.

Validating A Land FMM

A Land FMM is not validated after you finish filling in your details. Rather, it is only validated after you fill and submit it to the immigration officer, who will stamp it at the point of entry. After stamping, the form will be shredded into two and one half given to you.

A Land FMM is not validated after you finish filling in your details. Rather, it is only validated after you fill and submit it to the immigration officer, who will stamp it at the point of entry. After stamping, the form will be shredded into two and one half given to you.

The stamp validates the form and your application and should keep the form safe since you will request it on the day you depart Mexico for your country.

Furthermore, the validity starts counting down on the day your form is stamped, and you must not overstay beyond the 180 days period. Lastly, the application fee paid to obtain this document is not a guarantee that your application will be approved.

Hence it is important that you check whether your country is under Mexico’s No Visa policy and whether your documents are in other before applying.


An Air FMM is the other type of document issued to visitors from No Visa countries, but it is slightly different from the Land version. This one is for visitors who enter Mexico through any of its international airports.

Air FMM requires a slightly different set of information, but the goal of the document remains the same.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

General Requirement

For starters, you cannot have your application validated if you are not from an FMM-approved country, so make sure you qualify for it before you apply. If not, you can always apply to the Mexican consulate in your country for a visa.

Secondly, your passport has to be in order. All the information you provide in the form must reflect what you have in your passport. In addition to all these, your passport must be valid with an expiration date that is at least 6 months away from the time you apply for the FMM.

This document can be generated online or applied or paid for through the airline company whose flight you use. For online applications, the process is straightforward and the same as the land FMM, but if you are flying in, the airline will charge you for it alongside your ticket.

When you come on board, it will be given to you to fill; after that, you must provide it to the immigration officer for stamping and approval before entering Mexico.

Information required for an Air FMM is similar to a Land FMM, with the only difference being the flight information details that land FMM don’t have.

Application Documents Required

The application documents required to apply for an FMM are your passport and Flight ticket (if you are flying in). Some visitors may require other documents to process their application in special cases, so do your due diligence before you commence the application process to enter Mexico.

FMM Application Payment

Paying for the application has never been easier, and you have two options.


You can pay for FMM in cash when you arrive at the port of entry (border or airport). The immigration officers on duty will direct you to the stand where you can exchange cash for the form. Fill it out and submit it to the officers for validation.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!


Asking all visitors to arrive at the port of entry is not a good idea and may be a recipe for disaster when you consider the number of visitors who enter Mexico a year. If you don’t want to wait in long queues, you can expedite the process by applying for it online even before you leave your home country.

All you need is a credit or debit card with a sufficient balance to pay for the Mexican tourist card. After making payment, the form will be sent to your registered email, and you can fill it out online, print it out, and bring it along on your trip for validation at the port of entry.

Important FMM information

Alongside your passport, there are vital details your must have; otherwise, the officials will reject your application. Here is a rundown of all the information.

Passport Information

Your Mexican tourist card must carry your passport information as written. Your name, date of birth, and gender must be filled in, including the date of issue and expiry. We have to remind you again that the passport you use to fill the form must be the same thing you present when you arrive in Mexico with at least a 6 months validity.

Contact Information

Your home address in your home country must be provided in the appropriate field. The address must be valid and verifiable.

Trip Information

This includes the purpose of your trip and your date of arrival and departure. If you are flying in and you are going to use your Mexican tourist card, but aren’t sure of the date, pause the application and get your flight ticket first before you proceed. If you are visiting for business or pleasure or any other reason, indicate it under this section.

The address you will reside in throughout your state in the country should also be provided for reference purposes.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

Flight information

The information is only required for an air FMM. The ticket number, airline, and date of arrival should be provided under this section.

Entry information

This field should indicate the port of entry. This could be any of the international airports if you are arriving by air or any of Mexico’s border crossings.

How To Get FMM for Your Trip To Mexico

FMM is quite easy to obtain. You can get the Mexico tourist card online or at the port of entry. You can even visit the Mexican embassy in your country to request it. We recommend using the Mexico tourist card online medium because it is stress-free, and you will get it in your mail in a matter of hours or minutes. As long as you have a smartphone, internet connection, and a credit or debit card to pay for it, you are good to go.

General FMM Clauses To Know About

A Single Entry Document

This travel document is not a tourist visa, and you cannot use it multiple times. It is a single entry document that can only be used once. This means that after you visit Mexico, you have to apply for a new one again. The same document can’t be sued twice.

Submission For Departure

A visitor will only be allowed to leave the country after they submit the other half of the copy they were given at the entry point on the day of their arrival. This is why it is very important to keep your other half safe during your stay.

If for any reason you lose it, visit the nearest immigration office closest to you and report the case. Failure to tender the FMM on the date you depart Mexico may be treated as a violation and attract a fine.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

Do Not Exceed The Deadline

FMM is only valid for 180 days, so bear this in mind. Overstaying will attract a fine, and fines are charged based on the number of days you excess days you spent after the deadline elapsed. Visitors who leave the country without paying the fine will not be allowed back in.

Application Fee

The application fee for FMM is $30 or its equivalent in Pesos. You can pay for it in cash or using your credit or debit card. But visitors who plan to stay for only 7 days dont have to pay the Mexico tourist card fee.


Mexico is a lovely country blessed with scenic landscapes and rich culture. If you are an eligible applicant, consider applying for FMM Forma Migratoria Multiple online before you arrive in Mexico to make the validation process seamless.

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