Fmm form to enter Mexico

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What is the FMM form to enter Mexico?

This is a travel document

·         Issued to visitors who are nationals of No Visa countries

·         That is valid for 180 days

·         Applied for using different methods

Many people who wish to visit Mexico in the not too distant future have been asking questions about FMM and whether they need a visa to enter Mexico for a short visit. In this article, we address all the questions regarding FMM and how to apply for it. Kindly read it until the end to keep yourself informed and prepared for your upcoming trip to Mexico.

Visiting Mexico as a visitor

Many people numbering millions every year visit Mexico for business and pleasure, and the number has steadily increased since after the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Mexico is a tourist mas country for different reasons. It has nice weather all year round, so visitors in cold regions looking for a warm climate to warm up prefer to come to Mexico if they don’t want to go further down south.

Secondly, Mexico has lovely beaches and many tourist sites where you can go to relax or learn a thing or two about the history of the tribes that once inhabited these great lands.

Another reason why many tourists troop to Mexico is the amazing Latino culture with trappings of Spanish roots. There are carnivals, tasty cuisines served at restaurants and hotels, different assortments of drinks, including the legendary tequila, and so much more.

So if you choose to visit Mexico for pleasure, you should expect nothing but fun and adventure. But do you need a Mexico visa to enter the country?

That depends on two things

·         Your country of origin

·         The length of your stay

If you wish to stay in Mexico for only a few months, you don’t need a Mexico visa; you need a travel document issued by the Mexican immigration authority called Forma Migratoria Multiple or popular FMM.

You don’t need a Mexican visa if you are from a No visa country. All you need is FMM, but what is this document all about

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

FMM Form To Enter Mexico: What Is FMM?

Forma Migratoria Multiple (FMM) is a document issued by the Mexican immigration authority that allows foreign citizens of No visa countries to cross the border into Mexico without possessing a visa. As you already know, you cannot enter a foreign country as a foreign citizen without holding your visa unless you are granted special status as an envoy or you hold a document that grants you a visa waiver.

FMM is not issued to everyone but only nationals from countries that Mexico designates as No Visa countries. What this means is that the government of Mexico does not require foreign citizens from these countries to hold a Mexico Visa. Rather all they need to provide is their passport, the FMM document containing their personal details.

The number of countries in Mexico No visa or visa-exempt countries is more than 60; many are EU member states, including the UK, the United States, UK, Brazil, and several other countries.

So you don’t need a Mexican visa to enter Mexico if you are eligible for FMM, but to make sure that you qualify for it, use an online Mexican visa checker tool to check your status.

FMM Form To Enter Mexico Is Only Valid For 180 Days

Not all visitors from No visa countries can enter Mexico without a visa, though. If you wish to stay back as a resident for an extended period, you may need a Mexican tourist card, but you still need to obtain a Mexican visa to enter the Mexican border.

The reason for this is simple.

Forma Migratoria Multiple is only valid for 180 days, and it cannot be extended for a few more days or weeks. So even if you qualify for it, should you plan to remain within Mexico’s borders as a permanent resident, you still need to apply for a Mexican visa.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

How To Get Your FMM Card?

Now that you know what FMM is and who qualifies for it; by now you should know whether you qualify for it or not. If you are still not sure, make sure you check your eligibility before you attempt to apply for it.

Now let’s look at how to get FMM.

There are different ways to obtain FMM. The government of Mexico has made the process relatively easy by giving applicants different options to help them expedite the process. Here they are

Online Application

Most visitors to Mexico coming from other continents outside North America apply for FMM using the online method. The online method is the fastest route to applying for Forma Migratoria Multiple. All you need to apply for a Mexican tourist card online is

·         A smartphone/computer

·         Internet broadband

·         Passport information

·         Credit or debit card

·         Email address

To apply for FMM online, visit the application portal of the Mexican government to fill out the form. Your contact and travel details will be requested, and you are to fill each field accurately. Your email address is where the form will be sent to. Once you are done filling it out, please print out a copy of it and bring it along on your trip for stamping at the entry point in Mexico.


The next most popular method, especially for flight passengers, is to apply for it indirectly through the airline they charter for the trip. Now let’s explain how this is done.

Airlines that fly the Mexican route charge visitors from No visa countries the application fee along with the flight cost. So when you buy their ticket, you are not only paying for the trip, but the price also covers the fee as well.

The form is issued to applicants on the plane to fill. If you go this route, you will have to fill the form on board and then take it to the immigration service counter for the immigration officer on duty to stamp it for validation.

By using the Airline service, you don’t have to pay extra for the application since you have already paid for it. Those who arrive at the airport without filling out the form will have to pay for it and fill it out for processing before being allowed into the country.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

Land Borders

This method is just like the airport entry method bit for those who travel to the Mexican border via the land route. At Mexican border crossings, there are service stations manned by immigration officers who will issue you the form after you pay the application fee.

You fill it in by hand and submit it to them for stamping.

It is important to have your FMM stamped because this action validates the document and makes it valid. From the moment it is stamped, the countdown begins to continue until it expires after 180 days or when you present it at the counter on the day you depart Mexico.

It is important to have your FMM stamped because this action validates the document and makes it valid. From the moment it is stamped, the countdown begins to continue until it expires after 180 days or when you present it at the counter on the day you depart Mexico.

Requirements For Filling FMM Form

There are a few things you need to have in place to complete your FMM form. We review them below.

A Valid Passport

You cannot complete the FMM document without a valid passport. The passport you use must have a validity of at least 6 months, and it must be the same valid passport you present at the port of entry when you arrive in Mexico.

You must not use a different passport to fill your form and present a different one at that port of entry; otherwise, your request to enter Mexico will be denied, and you will be turned back.

Airplane Ticket

Only those who arrive in Mexico by air need to provide details about their air ticket. If you plan to enter by land, you don’t need an air ticket for your registration.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

Email Address

Your email address is required if you want to fill out the Mexico tourist card online. Physical completion at a port of entry does not require an email address. The email address is how you will receive the FMM form.

Credit/Debit Card

A credit or debit card is required to pay for the Mexico tourist card online. You can also use it to make payment at the port of entry, be it the airport or at the border. Just make sure that the card is funded.

Information For Filling FMM Form

There are certain information your form must contain, and they include the following

Passport Details

Your passport information is required, so ensure you fill it out accordingly. Your name, date of issue, country of issue, and expiry date of the passport are some of the details required under passport details. Make sure your form has the same information as the passport.

Personal Details

Under personal details, you will be asked to provide your date of birth, gender, and other relevant information.

Contact Information

Your contact information is required. This is your home address in your home country.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

Trip Information

Then we have your trip information. Under this category, you must fill in your purpose for visiting Mexico, your arrival date, and the day you plan to depart. The authorities will also like to know the address you plan to stay at during your time in the country. If you will live in a hotel or any other accommodation, endeavor to fill in the details.

Flight Information

If you are flying into Mexico, provide your ticket number, name of the airline and airport destination. Flight tickets have numbers that should be filled into the appropriate field.

Entry Information

This detail is to show how you wish to enter Mexico. If you are coming via air, you must include the airport and the date of arrival. If you are coming through any of the land borders, this information should also be provided.

It is imperative that you provide accurate information because there is a box you will tick to attest under oath that all the information you provide is accurate. Providing false information may attract fines or jail time in the worst cases.

Application Fee For FMM Form To Enter Mexico

The Mexico tourist card fee to enter Mexico is $30, or equivalent to 595 Pesos (rates are subject to change). This fee can be paid in cash or using your credit or debit card. Once you pay the Mexico tourist card fee, you will not be asked to pay for it a second time.

 FMM Conditions

Many visitors who enter Mexico using FMM are not aware of the clauses and conditions involved, so some run into problems with the authorities while in the country. To conclude this article, here are important things to bear in mind.

Single Entry

The FMM document is a single entry document and cannot be used multiple times. You can only apply for one FMM per visit. If you wish to visit Mexico again in the future, you have to apply for another one.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!


FMM is a non-transferable document. This means two people cannot use the same FMM, and parents cannot transfer their FMM to cover their children or dependents. If you plan to visit Mexico for the holidays with your children, you should get the form for each of them individually.

Valid For Only 180 Days

The document is only valid for 180 days and cannot be extended while you are in the country. If you choose to stay in Mexico for whatever reason, you have to leave the country and reapply again from your base.


Staying beyond the 180 days will attract a fine you must pay before you can leave the country. Failure to settle fines will lead to a ban unless you settle the fines levied on you for violating the law.


FMM Form to enter Mexico is only available to citizens of Visa-exempt countries. If you come from any of these countries or are free to apply for it online or in person at the port of entry.

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