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If you are from an eligible FMM country and you are planning to visit the Mexican border anytime soon, besides other sites on the internet, the official FMM website is the best place to get accurate information about the requirements and other valid information. Keep reading to know more.

Forma Migratoria Multiple

Forma Migratoria Multiple, or better still called Mexico FMM form, is a travel document application issued by the government of Mexico to nationals of countries that share strong diplomatic ties with Mexico.

Mexico has more than 60 countries on the list of eligible countries, so if you happen to come from any of the eligible countries, you can apply for FMM without a Mexican visa. This travel document confers certain benefits on the holder, such as the following.

No Need For A Visa

If you are from an FMM country, you do not need a Mexican visa like nationals from non-FMM countries who cross the Mexican border. While the visa process takes time and includes stringent requirements, FMM is very easy to obtain. In fact, many applicants apply for it on the same day and obtain it on the same day.

That’s how easy it is to get. As long as you qualify for it and fill out your application properly, you have nothing to worry about.

If you are from an FMM country, you do not need a Mexican visa like nationals from non-FMM countries who cross the Mexican border. While the visa process takes time and includes stringent requirements, FMM is very easy to obtain. In fact, many applicants apply for it on the same day and obtain it on the same day.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

Limited Stay

The second benefit FMM confers on the holder who plans to visit Mexico is the freedom to stay in the country for up to 6 months. With this document, you can visit Mexico and stay in any part of the country as long as you inform the government during your application about your destination and place of residence.

The fact that you can stay in any part of Mexico for a period of 180 days as a tourist after you cross the Mexican border is significant.

Limitless Application

Another benefit of FMM is that you can apply for it as many times as possible. If you are from an eligible country and visit Mexico several times a year, you can apply to the Mexican immigration authority for it each time you choose to visit without the need for a Mexican visa.

There is no restriction to the number of times you can apply for Forma Migratoria Multiple either when you arrive at the port of entry or even from your home country.

Mexico FMM Form Official Website: Types Of FMM

There are two types of FMM form Mexico you can use to enter the Mexican border. They are explained below.

By Land

This application is for those who want to enter Mexico through its land borders. The country is bordered by water to the East and West bit bordered by other nations to the South and the North. In this Southern borders are two countries; Belize and Guatemala, and the United States to the North.

So if you want to enter Mexico through any of its borders, you will need to apply for a land FMM. Here are general conditions to obtain a land Mexico tourist card online according to the official website.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

General Conditions

Holder Of A Valid Passport

The applicant for a land FMM must have a valid passport issued by their home government or a card passport (Tarjeta Passport) as required by international law. The passport must be unexpired with validity to cover the applicant’s stay in Mexico if you want to apply for a Mexico tourist card online.

Land Crossing Only

The land Mexico tourist card online can only be used to cross Mexico’s land borders and nothing more. It cannot be used for international trips by air or used to travel to Mexican republic territory either.

Application Completion

Before a land FMM can be issued, the applicant must complete the form. All information provided must correspond with the applicant’s passport. Changes will lead to application decline.

False Information

The applicant must only provide valid information and nothing false in filling the form. He or she must accept under oath that the information provided is valid and realize that falsification of information will lead to penalties

Other Conditions For a Land FMM



The form can be obtained electronically through the internet or at transit points on any of Mexico’s land borders.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

No Paid Work

Another condition of obtaining an FMM is that you must not participate in any paid work while you are still in the country. Unlike a work visa that allows the holder to work, FMM does not confer the same benefit on the holder to engage in any economic activity and get paid.

Maximum Validity

The maximum validity of a land FMM is 180 days. So on or before the mark, he or she must vacate the country. Failure to do so will be viewed as a violation, and the holder will be liable to pay a fine for all the extra days spent within Mexico’s borders.

Stamp Activation

The form is not active until an immigration officer affixes a date and stamps it; only then does it become valid. From that moment on, the FMM is activated, and the countdown to six months begins.

Law Compliance

The holder of an FMM must be compliant with Mexican law and the FMM conditions or risk arrest or deportation.

One Time Use

The same stamped form cannot be used more than once. This document is for one-time use only; if you wish to enter Mexico at another time, you will have to apply for another FMM to process your entry.

Physical Presentation Of The FMM

Another condition to bear in mind is that not presenting your FMM form at the border or airport is as good as not having it at all. If you filled form online, you are supposed to print copies of it either in colored or black and white and present them at the immigration office alongside your Passport for review.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

By Air

The conditions required to obtain an air FMM are similar to that of a land FMM with slight variations. As usual, the FMM form can be generated online or filled by hand on board the plane or when you arrive at the Airport.

All applicants must have a valid passport issued by their home government, and the passport must have an extended expiry date of more than six months. The passport must also bear the applicant’s name and identity, and the information provided in the FMM form must be the same as in their passport.

Note: All other requirements for obtaining FMM are the same as the land FMM requirement.

Information Required To Process Your FMM Form

Whether you are applying for a land FMM or an air FMM, there is certain information you are required to provide to facilitate the process. We discuss them below


You need an active email address if you plan to apply online to start the process. The form is mailed to online applicants for completion. In general, here is the information you should provide.

Entry Information

The authorities will want to know how you intend to enter Mexico, by air or land. If you plan to enter by land, tick the box, or by air, do the same

Entry Point

Another piece of information you want to know is your entry point. For international visitors, there are different entry points into Mexico; they are the land borders and the airports. As you know already, Mexico has several airports and land borders to the North and the South.

Indicate the entry point as you fill out the form. If you are filling it out online and you are not sure of the airport your flight will use, pause the process and do your due diligence, so you don’t fill in the wrong information.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

Date Of Arrival

What day is your flight arriving in Mexico, or do you plan to cross the border? This date must be provided for reference purposes. On this day, your passport will be stamped, and the validity period of 180 days will start counting.

Date Of Departure

The date of departure is the day you plan to leave Mexico. It remains unclear whether this information has to be provided ahead of time. But what we do know is that the immigration officer will stamp the form with a validity period boldly displayed, which will be 6 months after.

If you didn’t provide this information because you are unsure of it, once you present the form on the day you are set to leave, the date should be entered.


This information is only required for visitors flying in by air. The name of the airline and the flight number is required. Land travelers may omit this box.

Personal Information

The next stage is your personal information. When filling in your personal information, you should be very careful, so you don’t make a mistake that will invalidate your application. The information you provide in this section should correspond with what you have in your passport.

Write your names as is written on your passport. Provide your gender, date of birth, nationality, and country of birth.

Identification Information

The next stage is to provide identification information such as your ID (Passport), passport number, the country of issue, and the confirmation date of issue. Other information to provide include

·         Country of residence

·         Place of residence

·         Address

·         Expiration

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

Trip Information

Then there is the trip Information. Provide the reason for the trip and the Mexican state you plan to visit. The address in Mexico where you will reside should also be provided.

Where To Obtain Mexico FMM

The application process is relatively easy, and you can apply using different means depending on how you intend to enter Mexico. Here are the places where you can obtain Mexico FMM.


A significant number of applicants apply for Forma Migratoria Multiple online using their computers or smartphones. The online form is easy to use as long as you have the relevant information at your disposal. One significant advantage of applying online is that you won’t have to wait in line when you arrive at the airport or the border.

You can simply pay to register online using a credit or debit card then walk into the immigration office to have it stamped and approved and you can be on your way into Mexico.


Airline operators that fly passengers into Mexico add the cost of the FMM form to their flight tickets for those who are from FMM eligible countries. So instead of paying for it separately, you pay for it alongside the cost of the flight.

Onboard, the crew will hand you the form, and you can fill it out and hold it with you until you arrive at the airport to present it for processing.



Another way to obtain an FMM form is to arrive at the airport. At the arrival terminals, you will be issued the Forma Migratoria Multiple by immigration officers for completion. The application fee will also have to be paid in cash or using a credit or debit card.

This process may take a while if you meet a long queue, but you will eventually be processed for entry.

Land Borders

Just as with the airports, there are FMM forms issued at all Mexico’s land border crossing into the country from the North or the south. Here too, you can pay using a credit or debit card.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

Who Needs to Apply For Mexico FMM?

FMM is only for nationals of countries that fall under the approved list. So for starters, you need to come from any of the approved countries to qualify for FMM. However, note that not everyone from an approved country qualifies for this travel document. But why so?

This is because only visitors who plan on staying for not more than 6 months may apply. Anything above the 6 months period requires a Mexican visa.

With that being said, here are the categories of applicants who should apply for an FMM tourist visa.


Are you a student with an admission issued by a Mexican institution to study in the country for a short period under 180 days? For such a short stay, you don’t have to apply for a visa, as an FMM will suffice. Mexico is home to many academic institutions, and many foreigners apply for this special tourist visa to study for different academic programs.

If you are from an FMM country, you can apply for it and have it approved on the same day.


Foreign citizens who are tourists are the large majority of people who apply for FMM. As you may already know, Mexico has dozens of cultural and historical locations. The country is rich in Latino culture, and tourists from cold regions enjoy it due to its warm weather.

Tourists only stay in their host country for a short time so if you are a tourist and qualify for FMM, consider applying for it rather than a visa at a local immigration office.

Business Persons

People engaged in businesses and investors can apply too. But there is a variation, though. Under Mexican immigration law, business persons are defined as people who engage in economic activities aside from paid work.

So anybody with plans to apply for FMM so as to work in the country will be doing so in bad faith. The Mexican immigration law for foreign citizens is clear, and it states that the applicant must not engage in any form of paid work all through your stay.

But if you are a business person with an interest in the country and you are from an eligible country, you may apply as allowed by law.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!


Volunteers and foreign citizens of regional and international charity and humanitarian organizations may enter Mexico using FMM if they qualify for it. Volunteers may be involved in field works, charity initiatives, or not-for-profit projects. Since there is a short timeline to volunteer work and they are not necessarily paid for their services, the law allows them to apply for an FMM.

Sports Professionals

Sports professionals who are foreign citizens may enter Mexico to participate in a short-term sporting competition, and there are many of them. Cycling, swimming, ballet, and the most famous of all, bullfights. Mexico has a rich sporting scene, and different competitions are held here every year.


Entertainers are also not left out. If you belong to a band or an orchestra or are engaged in any art form, you may visit Mexico and stay for a short time before you return to your home country.


International Conference Attendees

Then there are attendees and guests who attend international conferences held in the country. Such conferences only last for a few days or a little over a week at most. You can attend these conferences with this travel document

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

Penalties For Overstaying In Mexico

Forma Migratoria Multiple is a travel document issued to eligible visitors with plans of entering Mexico, and it is only valid for 180 days maximum. This means that if you remain within the borders of Mexico after the period elapses, you are in violation of the immigration laws.

Consequences of this will range from mild to severe. As a general rule, people who violate the law will be liable to pay a fine. Fines are calculated based on the number of excess days spent after entering Mexico.

Furthermore, the system has other provisions to penalize those guilty of other offenses during their stay in the country.

How Much Does A Mexico FMM Cost?

There is a lot of confusion regarding whether FMM is free or not. This will depend on a case-by-case basis. For starters, FMM is not free; you pay for it, and it costs about $30 to apply.

However, not everyone pays for FMM, though. For those who intend to spend 7 days or less in the country, they don’t have to pay for FMM. They can obtain, fill and submit the form for approval and present it when they depart the country at the immigration office.

So whether you pay for FMM or not will depend on the duration of your planned stay.

Legal Clauses To Bear In Mind

To conclude this article, here are some FMM legal Clauses to bear in mind.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

False Information

Every single detail you provide in your form is down under oath and adjudged to be accurate. If the authorities discover that you presented fictitious information in order to deceive, you will be sanctioned accordingly. In worst cases, you may serve jail time for your indiscretions.

Payment Of Fines

Visitors who violate the terms of the agreement and stay beyond the 180 days period will not be allowed to leave the country until they pay the fine levied on them for breaking the immigration law. Fines are calculated based on the number of days the visitor overstayed.

This means that a visitor who overstays for 10 days, for instance, will pay a higher fine than one who overstays by five days. A clever way to avoid overstaying in Mexico is to set a reminder on your smartphone to notify you at least a week before the FMM expiration date.

A clever way to avoid overstaying in Mexico is to set a reminder on your smartphone to notify you at least a week before the FMM expiration date.

Law Compliance

Visitors are expected to obey Mexican laws during their stay in the country. Flouting the laws will attract sanctions in accordance with the laws of the land.

Mexico FMM form Official Website FAQ

What Can I Find On The FMM Official Website?

The official website contains updated information about Forma Migratoria. The requirements, conditions, and application offer.

Can I apply for FMM On The official Website?

Yes, you can, but you will need an active et address.

Get your Mexico FMM Form PDF Online Now!

How Long Will The Application Process Take?

You can complete the form in 15 minutes or less.


Mexico FMM form official Website contains all the information you need to process your application. You can also obtain the document on the platform for completion. Just make sure you fill in accurate information to avoid sanctions further down the line.

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