letitfile.com history

Letifile is the website of a file sharing website that claims to pay users if they share their files with others. The more files you share, the more you earn, according to the admin. The truthfulness of these claims is unknown, but it was active for a time and attracted significant traffic. They offered users free storage, which they can use to upload and store their files and then share those files with others to get paid using a CPM model. The model placed no limits or restrictions on how much a user could earn or how many files they could share.

The Process

All the user was expected to do was to create a Letifile account in under 1 minute, upload their file after confirming their account and then share such files from their account. Once a file is downloaded using the link they shared, they get paid for it. Files are easy to upload and download, and one could upload any kind of file, from document files to video and audio files.

The admin also offered registered accounts a storage facility for storing and quick file retrievals on their dashboard. So selecting the files you want to share is easy. Users can also upgrade their accounts to use them as backup storage for other private but important files.


Letifile claims that their site offers members a quick fire ways to earn money in quick and easy steps. They claim that anyone with a registered account does not have to do anything else besides sharing their files for others to download directly from their dashboard. The dashboard serves as a platform for users to track files and earnings as they make progress and to create groups for subfolders. 

They probably had a referral program where members could earn bonuses for bringing others unto the platform, but this could not be confirmed. With low minimum payouts, registered members could withdraw their earnings at regular weekly intervals.

This site is registered on wpml.org as a development site.