jsnews.io history

Jsnews was a website specially made for programmers. The owners regularly published tutorials and resources on React, Redux, React Native, Java, Webdev, Typescript, and Angular languages. When it was still active, programmers and students of these languages visited JSnews for news and other relevant information to keep them updated.

The platform’s videos, information articles, and training manuals were free and easy to access, with old materials archived to make room for new ones. Some of the materials could be accessed by visiting the platform, but for others, you had to open an account on the platform to access archived materials. JSnews also posted regular updates for new materials, articles, trends, and events to keep subscribers informed. JSnews was so popular at some point that it appeared on archive.org, but not anymore.

They were regularly furnished with the latest stories, industry news, and trends. The website had a news feed that was regularly updated but not anymore. As of now, the newsfeed is stale and has not been updated for a very long time. Despite its inactivity, it is not a phishing website. Furthermore, the social media handles of JSnews are regularly updated; it is just the website that has remained unstable.

This site is registered on wpml.org as a development site.