History of EEDE.gr

The Hellenic Management Association (HMA-EEDE) is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1962 with the goal of promoting modern management principles, methods, and practices. It has a diverse membership base, including corporate organizations and enterprises from the public and private sectors, as well as individual members such as top-level and medium executives, students, professors, and entrepreneurs.

EEDE.gr – Organizational Structure

HMA is made up of five Institutes, which specialize in various management functions, and four Sectors that address general business issues. These include:

  • The Corporate Affairs Sector
  • The Leadership Sector
  • The Public Administration & Local Authorities Management Sector
  • The Sector of Women Managers and Entrepreneurs
  • The Hellenic Institute of Human Resources Management
  • The Hellenic Institute of Information & Communications Management
  • The Hellenic Institute of Production and Operations Management
  • The Hellenic Institute of Financial Management
  • The Hellenic Institute of Marketing

The Hellenic Management Association Incorporates is one of the largest management associations in the world in terms of membership and activities. Its actions and strategies are centered around 5 major pillars: Communication, business tools, networking, knowledge and information, and education.

  1. Communication: HMA’s communication efforts include the Manager magazine, the Paths to Development TV program, the annual edition of The Edge, newsletters, and scientific and informative publications.
  2. Business Tools: HMA offers certification programs such as the Greek Certification of Business Excellence (Aien Aristevein) and EFQM Levels of Excellence, as well as research services.
  3. Networking: HMA has established a number of memoranda of collaboration with organizations such as Transparency International Greece, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Business Ethics Greek Chapter, and the Institute for Vocational Guidance & Career Counselling. It also has international relations with organizations such as the European Management Association, the European Marketing Confederation, and the European Foundation for Quality Management.
  4. Knowledge and Information: HMA’s Institutes, Sectors, events, and annual events provide members with access to valuable information and resources. The association also offers awards such as Corporate Affairs Excellence Awards, HR Excellence Awards, Marketing Excellence Awards, Quality Leader of the Year, and Manager of the Year. In addition, HMA runs ManagementDirect – the largest management portal.
  5. Education: HMA offers a range of vocational training, in-company training, open training, executive programs, certified training programs, and postgraduate-level programs.

HMA’s Activities and Reach 

In addition to its activities within Greece, HMA has been involved in numerous European Community Programs, including Asia Invest, Life Long Learning, Leonardo Da Vinci, Article-6, Europe Aid, Equal Round II and Round I, Interreg, Phare, Tacis, Info-DC, Adapt, Horizon, Now, Esprit. It also serves as an intermediary body for managing European Union programs.

HMA has a strong presence throughout Greece, with Regional Departments in Crete (based in Irakleio), the Peloponnese and Western Greece (based in Patras), and Macedonia (based in Thessaloniki). HMA-EEDE also works in Cyprus via CMA – the Cyprus Management Association, created by working with Cyprus’s Employers and Industrialists Federation.

Other initiatives and entities within HMA include the Athens Laboratory of Business Administration, the Entrepreneurship Club, and the HMA School of Professional Development.

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