How to fill out fmm form

How to fill out the FMM form is a relatively easy thing to do

·         You need to have your valid passport at hand

·         Your Air Ticket (If you are flying in by air)

·         Your trio information and other personal details

Many people who fancy visiting Mexico using the Forma Migratoria Multiples worry that they may make a mistake when filling out this immigration form. But they don’t have to worry if they know how to go about it. This article provides all the guidance you need to fill out the form correctly, so continue reading.

Visiting Mexico

Mexico is a pleasant country with lovely weather and rich culture, and every year, millions of visitors visit the country from all over the world. Some visit for business, others for pleasure, and a few for academic engagements.

To make the application process easy, the Mexican government introduced a system called the Forma Migratoria Multiple (Multiple Migration Form to simplify the immigration entry process without a Mexican visa for FMM eligible visitors?

What is Forma Migratoria Multiple (FMM)?

FMM is an official entry immigration form issued to nationals of countries that qualify to visit Mexico for a short period without a visa. Citizens from eligible countries don’t have to go through the protected process of visiting the Mexican embassy in their home countries to apply for a visa. The process is so easy that they can obtain, fill and submit the document once they arrive in Mexico, and it will be approved.

FMM is an official entry immigration form issued to nationals of countries that qualify to visit Mexico for a short period without a visa. Citizens from eligible countries don’t have to go through the protected process of visiting the Mexican embassy in their home countries to apply for a visa.

If you’ve always wanted to visit Mexico to enjoy its pleasant beaches, eat trash delicacies and visit historical sites all over the country, and you are from an FMM eligible country, you are in luck.

FMM makes traveling to Mexico super easy as long as you meet the requirements and your documents are in order. How to fill out the FMM form is also relatively easy, and we will take you through the steps to do it correctly.

The Ideal Mexico Travel Document For Tourists

The FMM is called the Mexico tourist card because this is what many travelers from the US, Mexico, and other eligible countries use to enter Mexico. Although it is not a Mexican visa per SE, over the years, many have come to call it a tourist visa.

You can apply for it online before you make the trip or when you arrive at the airport or any of Mexico’s land borders, or which there are three. To the North is the Mexican border with the US. This is the border visitors from the US and Canada use in entering Mexico.

To the South are the borders with two countries; Guatemala and Belize. Visitors from eligible countries can arrive at any of these borders and request an FMM, which will be given to them; they can fill it on the spot, submit and be allowed into the country; it is that simple!

Forma Migratoria Multiple Conditions

Despite being a travel document for eligible visitors, there are certain conditions involved in using this document. Let’s review some of them below.

Only For Nationals From Eligible Countries

Forma Migratoria Multiple is only meant for Nationals of eligible countries like the US, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Pakistan, Germany, the UK, and about 60 other countries.

If you are not from any of these countries, you cannot enter Mexico with an FMM. For such interested visitors, they have to visit the Mexican consulate in their home countries to apply for a visa. Non-eligible visitors who visit Mexico with an FMM will be denied entry.

Only For Short Stay

This document is only meant for a short stay, not a long one. FMM is only valid for 180 days, after which the visitor must leave the country. The document becomes active from the moment the immigration official stamps the document and grants you entry into the country.

Staying back a day after the 180th day is viewed as a violation and attracts fines.

It Does Not Confer Employment Status On The Holder

Unlike the holder of a visa that may be granted a work permit, holders of FMM are not allowed to work in Mexico. This means that if you enter Mexico with an FMM document, you cannot engage in any form of paid work or seek employment to get paid.

It Does Not Exempt Children

Children entering Mexico are not exempted from holding an FMM even if their parents or guardians possess one,  every individual who wishes to enter Mexico, regardless of their age, must hold an FMM. Furthermore, two people cannot use a single document

So as you can see, nationals from eligible countries require FMM to enter Mexico for a short stay. But if you don’t know how to fill out the FMM form or how to go about obtaining it, this article is for you.

Obtaining A Mexico FMM

There are different ways to obtain Mexico’s FMM, so you are free to choose the option that suits you. Here are the methods.

The Airline You Use

Airlines who commute passengers from eligible countries to Mexico include FMM fees in their ticket prices. What this means is that as you buy your ticket bound for Mexico, the airline will include an extra $30 charge for the form.

Once on board, the crew will provide you and other passengers with the forms to fill out while onboard. In some cases, arrangements can be made by the airline to have the forms issued to passengers once they arrive at the airport.

At The Port Of Entry

Another way to obtain the form is at the port of entry. This may be the land border, airport, or seaport. At any of these centers, there is an immigration officer on active duty. Once you arrive at the checkpoint, the immigration officer form will be given to you after you pay for it.

Most visitors to Mexico actually obtain and fill out the form at the checkpoint before they are allowed into the country.


The easiest method to obtain FMM is to do so online. The online method is hugely popular because you don’t have to waste time at the entry point. You can pay for it online using your credit or debit card, fill it and print out the hard copy for presentation at the border to the immigration official.

How To Fill Out FMM Form

Now, let us walk you through how to fill out your FMM Form.

What you will need

·         A valid passport

·         Entry information

·         Contact information

·         Address In Mexico

·         Flight Information

·         Email (If you are applying online)

If you wish to fill out the form online, you should visit the FMM portal to do so. Fields will be provided for your to enter your details. Endeavor to provide accurate information as false information will invalidate your application.

The information required to fill the form online and in physical form is the same. So let’s review them one by one in detail.

Valid Passport

A valid passport is required when filling out your FMM form. Some of the information that will be required of you include your full name as it appears on the passport, including

·         Country of issue

·         Date of issue

·         Expiry date

·         Passport number

It is important to fill in this information accurately as it appears on your passport. In addition to all these, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months. This is because FMM is valid for at least 6 months, and a passport that is left with just a few weeks or months before the expiry date will not be accepted by the immigration official.

If you suspect that you may stay in the country for the full six months, avoid using a passport that has only 5 months to expire, as you would not want it to expire while you are still in the country.

Pro tip: If you suspect that you may stay in the country for the full six months, avoid using a passport that has only 5 months to expire, as you would not want it to expire while you are still in the country.

Entry Information

One of the information you need to provide is the entry information as an FMM tourist. This is the detail that shows the means of entry, the port of entry, and your arrival and departure date. The flight numbers and names of airlines are also included too.

This is information you will find on the flight itinerary you are flying into the country. If you are coming through land or sea, you will also provide the above without a flight number or airline name.

Personal Information

Your personal information should include your first and second name in the appropriate fields. Note that the name you use should correspond with the name on your passport. Only use the names in the right sequence. For instance, if your make appears on your passport as “Elizabeth John” on your passport, don’t write it as “John Elizabeth” on your form.

This will be a different name that may create problems for you when you arrive in Mexico.

Your personal information should also include your gender, date of birth as well as your country of birth, and nationality.

Identification Document

Your identification document should also reflect the information as it appears on your passport as an FMM tourist. This is mainly the passport confirmation number which should be written in the *Document Number” column.

Place Of Residence

Your place of residence in your current country of location as of the time of filling the form should be provided.

Trip Information

This may sound confusing, but really it is nothing to be confused about. What the authorities are simply asking for is the place where you will stay when you enter Mexico. If you have a plan to stay in a hotel, it’s advisable to book the hotel ahead of time, so you enter the information under this column.

If it is an Airbnb home or a private home, provide the address in the column.


This paragraph is for those who wish to fill out the Mexico tourist card online. In the Forma Migratoria Multiple portals, provide your email address and enter the verification code generated by the system to complete the application.

Once you are done, save the form to your device and download and print in hard copy. The hard copy will be requested by the immigration officers when you arrive at the port of entry.

Who Can Apply For a Mexico FMM form?

This FMM tourist card is for those who wish to visit Mexico and stay for a short period. It is for

·         Tourists

·         Students

·         Business People

·         Entertainers

·         Researchers

·         Conference attendees

·         Volunteers for International organizations

How To Fill Out FMM Form FAQ

What Are The Details Required To Complete My FMM Form?

You need to provide your

·         Personal details

·         Passport details

·         Trip information

·         Entry information

·         Identification information

How Much Does the Forma Migratoria Multiple cost?

The processing fee is $30, but visitors who intend to stay for only 7 days or less can obtain it for free.

How Do I Pay For The Form?

You can pay for it with cash at the port of entry or with your debit or credit card if you are applying online.

What Is The Maximum Period, And What Will Happen If I Overstay?

This form allows you to stay in Mexico for 180 days and not a day more. If you overstay, you will be fined for the number of excess days, and you will not be allowed to leave the country until you pay the fine.


How to fill out the FMM form is relatively straightforward, but as you do it, be careful, so you don’t make mistakes. Cross-check every piece of information you include in the form and once you are admitted into Mexico, keep the form safe because you will have to submit it when you depart the country.