How much is the Mexico FMM form

How much is the FMM Form?

·         The cost of the form is $30

·         Prices may vary based on the processing time

·         Forms are valid for 6 months only

Read this article to the end to find out more about Mexico’s Forma Migratoria Multiple

Many people visit Mexico every year, but not all of them come in with a Mexican visa to enter Mexico. Some visit with FMM tourist permits. Since this document was introduced, it has become a game-changer for travelers looking for an easy way to visit Mexico without the stress of a tourist visa application and extended processing times.

The process you go through to obtain this document is straightforward, and it allows you to visit any part of the country but not to engage in any form of paid work during your stay. Although it is not a visa, many call it a tourist visa because of its flexible regulations and how easy it is to get.

Let us explore FMM in great detail to give you a fair idea of what it is all about and how much it will cost you.

Forma Migratoria Multiple

Forma Migratoria Multiple, also called the FMM tourist card, is a travel document issued by the Mexican government through the immigration office. This document is different from a visa in many aspects. It is only valid for a short time and only available to Nationals from eligible countries.

Mexico is currently a signatory to many international accords and agreements. One of the paths it opens to some nations is access to its borders for citizens from friendly nations. Currently, there are more than 60 countries it tags FMM countries whose citizens can enter Mexico without a tourist visa.

One of the paths it opens to some nations is access to its borders for citizens from friendly nations. Currently, there are more than 60 countries it tags FMM countries whose citizens can visit Mexico without a tourist visa.

This means that these nationals or citizens can enter Mexico without a tourist visa. While nationals of other countries will have to apply for a visa at Mexico’s consulate in their home countries, FMM eligible applicants from designated countries don’t need to enter the country with a tourist visa.

This document is only valid for 180 days (6 months) and cannot be used twice. Once it is issued to you, it has to be returned to the immigration officer on duty on your way out of the country. To revisit Mexico at a future time, you have to reapply again to the immigration office, which should not be a problem due to how easy it is to get.

Another thing you take note of is that Forma Migratoria Multiple is required for every single eligible individual, including children. So if you are planning to visit Mexico with your kids for the summer holidays, you need to obtain one form for each child; otherwise, they won’t be allowed into the country.

How Much Is The FMM Form?

If you scan the internet, we are sure that you will find different figures quoted by different sites for FMM, but the standard fee for an FMM tourist card is $30 per person. So for a traveling family of five to enter Mexico, FMM will cost them $150 in total.

The good thing about this immigration office document is that you only pay for it once and will never have to pay any other money for travel documentation all through your stay in Mexico.

Another good news is that the fee for land or air FMM is the same, including if you come into Mexico through the sea.

Documents Required For FMM Documentation

When applying for FMM documentation as an fmm tourist, there are certain documents and information you must provide to complete the form. It does not require significant paperwork, just accurate information to validate your claims.

The documents you need to cross the border are as follow:

·         A valid passport

·         Flight ticket (if you are flying into Mexico)

Other information you need to provide include

·         Contact information

·         Entry information

·         Trip information

·         Identity Information

Let us review them in detail


You cannot process your FMM form without your passport. On the field created for passport information, make sure you enter your name as it appears in the passport. The passport whose information you use should be the same one you travel along with you as the immigration officer will not accept a different passport even if it is yours.

Secondly, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months. If it is an expired passport, it will be rejected. If the expiration date is only a few weeks o months away, your application may also be denied because it means that the passport will expire while you are still in the country.

So make sure you only use a valid passport with an extended expiration date and endeavor to enter accurate details as it is on the passport.

Flight Ticket

The second document you need as an fmm tourist is optional if you travel to Mexico by air. The flight ticket will contain this information which you must fill in the FMM form. The name of the airline and the date of the flight will be boldly displayed on the ticket.

The information you have to provide is discussed below

Contact information

Your contact information is very important and will have to be provided. Your contact address in your home country and the contact address you plan to stay in once you arrive in Mexico should be provided. If you plan to stay in a hotel, provide the hotel’s name and address. If it is an apartment or an Airbnb home, do the same.

This information will prove to the Mexican immigration authorities that you have nothing to hide and can be contacted at any time during your stay.

Entry Information

How do you plan to enter Mexico? By Land, sea, or air? If you plan to enter by land, indicate the border you will come through. If it is going to be by air, indicate the airport. For sea, indicate the seaport.

Trip Information

This one is similar to the entry information, but you will provide the date you plan to enter the country and your proposed departure date.

Email Address

If you are applying for the FMM online, you have to provide an Email address to where the form will be sent to. Once you receive it, fill all the fields and then download and print out the hard copy. This is the copy you take along on your trip that has to be stamped by immigration officers before you will be allowed into the country.

Payment For Forma Migratoria Multiple

The Forma Migratoria Multiple can be paid in the following ways


If you arrive in Mexico without the form, you can obtain and fill it at the entry point, which may be at the airport, land border, or seaport, depending on your route of entry. The form can be paid for in cash


Another way to pay for it is via credit and debit card. Card payments will work if you apply online or at an entry point. Just makes sure you have sufficient funds in your credit or debit card to cover the cost.

FMM Pricing You Should Know About

As we pointed out in a previous paragraph, when you scan the internet, it is normal to find different FMM prices, which can leave you confused. The normal price is $30 per applicant, but there are price variations though. Here they are.

Standard Processing

The standard processing option is the slowest application option on offer and the cheapest. It is not as slow as you think since you will get it in your email within 24 hours after you apply. This option costs $30, and if you opt for this option, you should apply for it several days before you make the trip

Rush Hour

This option is slightly faster than the standard option, and it costs $40. Applicants of rush hour applications will get their forms within 4 hours or less after applying for it.

Super Rush Hour

The third option is the super rush hour which is by far the most expensive option. This application takes just thirty minutes or less to process. This is the option ideal for you if you are on a very short window and don’t want to experience delays.

Note: The FMM application fee is the standard $30. The others are prices charged by agents to help facilitate the application. The best way to cut down costs is to apply yourself online or do so in person at the airport.

Categories Of FMM Applicants

Different applicants fall into different categories when it comes to applying for FMM, but before we review them individually, it is important to note once again that FMM is only meant for visitors who are from FMM eligible or No visa countries. This is to say that only people who don’t require a Mexican visa can use FMM to enter the country.

However, a person from a No visa country like the US may still need a Mexican visa under certain conditions and may still need a Mexican visa to enter Mexico, though. For instance, if they intend to remain in the country as a permanent resident, they still need to get a visa from the Mexico consulate in the US.

Another reason why they may still need a visa is if they wish to engage in paid work inside Mexico. Such a visa needs a visa even if they are eligible for FMM simply because they are likely to stay for an extended period and FMM covers only a 6 months stay. Moreover, the document does not give the holder a legal right to work while in Mexico.

So these are the conditions under which a visa may still be required even if you are eligible to hold an FMM.

Now let’s look at the categories of people who need FMM.


Students studying in any of Mexico’s academic institutions on short-term courses and are eligible for FMM do not have to hold a Mexican visa to enter the country. As long as the course is only for a few weeks or months, the FMM is all they need.


FMM tourists are the highest applicants for this travel document. Some will argue that this category of people was the main target demography for the program in the first place. Tourists only stay in a new country for a short period, after which they return to their home countries.

If you are from a No visa country and you would like to enjoy a lovely vacation in Mexico, don’t waste your time applying to the Mexican consulate in your country for a visa; just apply for FMM online or in-person at the point of entry.


FMM is a travel document for business and pleasure. As a businessman, you can apply for FMM as long as you are not going to engage in any wage activities, as the document doesn’t allow it.

Staying back to transact business for a short time before you return home is allowed by the immigration authorities if you possess this document.

You can apply for FMM for multiple reasons, as long as your stay will only be for a short time or, at most, under 180 days, and you don’t engage in any form of paid work while you are within Mexico’s borders.

Not Everyone needs To Pay For FMM

Not every applicant needs to pay for FMM to enter Mexico. The immigration authorities grant payment free access to those who stay for only 7 days or less. For such persons, they don’t have to pay the $30 application fee. However, if they stay for much longer, they will be fined for overstaying since they remained beyond the 7-day period.

Not every applicant needs to pay for FMM to enter Mexico. The immigration authorities grant payment free access to those who stay for only 7 days or less. For such persons, they don’t have to pay the $30 application fee. However, if they stay for much longer, they will be fined for overstaying since they remained beyond the 7 days period.


How much is the FMM form has been explained in this article, but not everyone has to pay the application fee? For those looking to stay for only 7 days or less, the form is free. Application fees can be paid to the Mexican immigration authorities using a credit or debit card or cash.