E ticket to Leave Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic is one of the finest places to spend your vacations. It has everything for a relaxing and soothing time. Beautiful beaches, sunny skies, white beaches, and some of the most splendid resorts; the Dominican Republic has it all. Traveling for a family can raise some concerns like questions about the e-ticket, how to apply for it, and whether an e-ticket will be used when departing from the country. All these questions and any other queries will be discussed in this guide.

Do you need an e-ticket to leave Dominican Republic?

A Dominican Republic e-ticket is the digital form required to enter or leave the Dominican Republic. It combines three very important documents (Customs Declaration, International Boarding/Disembarkation, and the Traveler’s Health Affidavit forms) into a single document which is why it appears long when you’re filling it.

This e-ticket replaces the old questionnaire that travelers previously used to enter and depart from the country. The physical questionnaire forms ended on April 1, 2021. It simplifies merging procedures, and if you fill it out early, your customs clearance will be done quicker. The Dominican Republic e-ticket is used not only to enter the country but also to depart from it. The e-ticket is a single entry document, so you will also be required to apply for a new e-ticket each time you enter or exit the country.

Do I need a QR code to leave the Dominican Republic?

A QR code’s objective is to allow you to board the flight. When you correctly fill out the e-ticket form, you receive two QR codes. One QR code’s purpose is that you’re required to show it to the authorities at the airport to gain entry into the Dominican Republic. The other QR code only proves that you filled out the e-ticket correctly.

It is very important to save your QR codes when you receive them; otherwise, you won’t be granted access. When you acquire your QR codes, remember to save them on your phone or take a printout for safekeeping. A QR code must be shown in order to enter the Dominican Republic.

Unlike an e-ticket that must be presented when you’re entering the country and departing it, a QR code only needs to be shown to the authorities when you’re entering the Dominican Republic. You do not need a QR to exit the country. One QR code only exists to enter the country, and the other one is only confirmation that the filled form is correct.

What do I need to leave the Dominican Republic?

If you’re departing from the Dominican Republic, follow all safety measures implemented by the Dominican Republic airport. The safety measures includes the use of masks, social distancing, and temperature checks. You’re supposed to arrive on time and comply with any instructions given by the Dominican authorities and the police.

The National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) provides advice regarding how to be safe while traveling by air. Like how you fill out an e-ticket form while entering the Dominican Republic, you will have to fill out and submit an online exit form when you’re departing from the Dominican Republic. This online exit form includes Traveler’s Health Affidavit, the International Boarding / Disembarking, and the Customs Declaration forms.

You can complete this online exit form by visiting the electronic ticket portal of the Dominican Republic. The departure tax for exiting the Dominican Republic is US$20. Airlines that are scheduled will include this cost of the tickets. For any queries, check with your tour provider or tour operator.

How far in advance can you fill out e-ticket for Dominican Republic?

A Dominican Republic e-ticket or electronic is necessary and the only way to travel and exit the country. It is needed to be filled by all travelers, whether they’re a traveler or national. You can apply for the Dominican Republic e-ticket at any given time, even on the same day you travel to the country. However, it is highly recommended that you apply for the e-ticket and fill it out as soon as possible to avoid last-minute corrections, risks, and overall hassle.  

If you apply for more than 60 days earlier in advance, your application will be kept on hold, and whenever you get eligible to apply for it, you can submit it. Applying earlier allows you to keep ahead of your plans and avoid travel stress and any other inconvenience. For filling out the form, you will have 72 hours before arrival to the Dominican Republic, right before the immigration procedure, to fill out your e-ticket form. Ensure you do not fill it out at the last minute. The earlier it is, the better. The e-ticket form is a single entry document meaning you will have to fill it out each time you enter and exit the country.

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