E-Ticket Dominican Republic Cost

If you’re looking for a place to take a breath of fresh air and relax, away from all the intenseness of the city, then the Dominican Republic may just be exactly what you need. With travel, the biggest concern with most families comes up with costs. With such a beautiful place like the Dominican Republic, it might sure seem that it may cost a lot, but in this guide, we’ll cover the basic questions, costs, and other queries you may have so you can travel without worries.

What is the Dominican Republic e-ticket?

An e-ticket is a new electronic system implemented by the government of the Dominican Republic. An e-ticket is mandatory for any person traveling to the country or leaving it. It replaces the old printed questionnaire that travelers once used. It makes migration procedures simpler and accelerates customs clearance if you fill it out in advance. It’s a combination of three important documents; the Traveler’s Health Affidavit, International Boarding/Disembarkation, and Customs Declaration forms.

How to apply for the Dominican Republic e-Ticket?

Applying for the Dominican Republic e-ticket is a simple task. Simply follow the below instructions to apply for the electronic ticket.

·         First, visit the e-ticket portal and create a user account. Here, select the option “e-ticket application. You can also view previously issued e-tickets by clicking on “Consulate e Ticket Issued.”

·         After clicking on the e-ticket application on the e ticket portal, you will now see an option asking whether you’re alone or with someone.

·         On the top left corner of the screen of the first page of your e-ticket application. You can spot your e-ticket application code. Your application code can be used if you haven’t saved your e-ticket, so note it down as it can be very useful.

·         Now complete the general information section and select if you’re entering the Dominican Republic or departing from it.

·         Now, you must fill out personal information in the migration information section. This includes your passport number, birth date, flight details, occupation, etc.

·         Now, on the customs information page, you will be required to fill out information regarding the goods and cash you’re carrying while traveling to the Dominican Republic.

·         In the health declaration of symptoms section, you’ve to provide certain health-related questions. Click “submit” when all questions have been answered.

·         After clicking submit, agree with the terms and conditions, and your e-ticket will be visible. Download your e-ticket, save it on your phone, or take a printout for safekeeping.

How do you display your form?

Your e-ticket form will be received via email, so provide a valid email address. After you receive it, you can display your e-ticket in physical forms by showing a printout or digital form on your phone when the authorities at the airport ask for it.

How much does an e-ticket cost, and how long does it take to process?

The Dominican Republic e-ticket is free, and it takes exactly 5 minutes to process it.

Who needs the Dominican Republic e-ticket?

Whether you’re a visitor or a national, anyone entering the Dominican Republic or departing from it will be required an electronic ticket or e-ticket. All tourists will only be granted entry into the country if they have an e-ticket. 

When should I apply for the Dominican Republic e-Ticket?

You can apply for the Dominican Republic electronic ticket or e-ticket anytime you want. You can even apply it on the same date you’re traveling. You must apply as soon as possible to avoid last-minute problems.

How long is the Dominican Republic e-Ticket valid for?

The Dominican Republic e-ticket is valid till your entry to the Dominican Republic. You will require another e-ticket the next time you travel to the country.

What documents are required to apply for an e-ticket?

All you require to apply for the Dominican Republic e-ticket is your personal information, confirmed flight details, passport details, and email address.

Do I need an e-Ticket to enter the Dominican Republic?

Yes, according to the Dominican Republic law, any visitor, tourist, or national entering or leaving the Dominican Republic will have to acquire an e-ticket. Without an e-ticket, you will not be allowed to board the flight.

When should I fill out my e-ticket to enter the Dominican Republic?

Filling your e-ticket as early as possible is advised to avoid errors and risks. You will have 72 hours before your visit to the Dominican Republic to fill out your e-ticket. You can fill out your e-ticket right at the airport as there’s free wi fi in the Dominican Republic airport.

How much does it cost to enter Dominican Republic?

Even though the e-ticket itself is free, all visitors are obliged to pay US$10 cash-only tax when they arrive in the Dominican Republic.

Should I fill out my e-Ticket before Customs in Dominican Republic?

Yes, filling out your e-ticket earlier is highly recommended to avoid risks and hassle. However, you will have 72 hours to fill out your e-ticket before arriving in the Dominican Republic, right before going through immigration and customs.

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