Dominican Republic visa for Indian citizens

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The Dominican Republic is the most visited nation in the Caribbean, and the reason is quite obvious, it’s one of the most relaxing and beautiful places to visit. The Dominican Republic has stunning resorts and beaches, but to visit this beautiful place, you must check if being an Indian citizen requires you to apply for a Dominican Republic visa.  

What is the Dominican Republic Visa?

The Dominican Republic visa is an endorsement required by travelers that want to enter the country. The Dominican Republic visa policy allows 108 nationalities to enter the country for free and don’t require a visa. Few others must acquire a tourist card on arrival at the Dominican Republic for tourism purposes. However, Indians will require a visa to enter the Dominican Republic. A good thing about the Dominican Republic visa is that, unlike other country visas, the Dominican Republic visa can be extended.

Where can I get a visa for the Dominican Republic?

A Dominican Republic visa application must be sent to one of the visa application centers (VAC). The Dominican Republic embassy has given authority to VACs to accept applications on their behalf. However, the processing will be done by the Dominican Republic embassy in New Delhi. Once the process is finished, you can pick up the visa from the VAC or have them deliver it to you for a charge.

What is the medical test for a visa to the Dominican Republic?

The medical test has similar requirements to the permit. The tourist and business categories do not require you to take a medical test. However, the student, work, and other visa categories will require you to get a medical certificate confirming that you’re in good health and aren’t suffering from any contagious diseases.  

How much bank balance is required to get a visa for the Dominican Republic?

No fixed rule tells you the exact amount you should have to get a visa. According to the requirements, you are expected to have enough funds to support your entire stay in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic Visa Fees for Indian Nationals

The fees of the Dominican Republic visa depend on the stay’s duration and type of visa. You’ve to pay the fee at the Visa application center. You can’t pay the fee online. Apart from the application fee, the VAC will ask for additional delivery charges or processing charges. Ensure you check the amount before starting the application.

How can I extend my visa for the Dominican Republic?

If you want to extend your stay in the Dominican Republic, head over to the office of the department of migration at the Dominican Republic airport and apply for an extension. You will have to pay an additional fee for the extension.

Processing time

The time taken for the visa application to process depends on the visa type you’re applying for, the volume of applications at the Dominican Republic embassy, and your previous travel history. Normally, processing your visa takes around 10 working days, so ensure you apply for it in advance.


The Dominican Republic visas are an endorsement required by travelers entering the country.

Extension of stay

By visiting the office of the migration department at the airport, you can apply for an extension of stay. The process is simple, and you’ll have to pay additional fee.  

Dominican Republic tourist visa tips

The following things will be useful when you apply for the tourist application form.

·         Keep a valid passport for at least 6 months.

·         Keep 1 recent photograph.

·         Completed visa application form.

·         Proof of funds.

·         Covering letter

How to apply for a Dominican Republic tourist visa from India?

The visa application for the Dominican Republic visa for Indians is quite straightforward. First, ensure you’re eligible for travel on the specific visa, then proceed with your visa application.

·         Download the visa application form from the Dominican Republic embassy.

·         Fill in the form with all the necessary details.

·         Put a photograph in the application and sign where required.

·         Book an appointment at one of the VACS.

·         With the completed Dominican Republic visa form and documents, visit the respective VAC.

·         Pay the fee at the VAC and submit your visa application.

Dominican Republic tourist visa conditions for Indian citizens

An e-ticket is required for entering or exiting the Dominican Republic. You’ve to fill it out before immigration.


You need a 6-month passport to travel to the Dominican Republic.

Is Dominica visa-free for Indians?

If an Indian citizen wants to stay in Dominica for 90 days, there is no need for a visa.

Do Indian citizens need a visa for the Caribbean?

Indian citizens can travel to 25 Caribbean countries. An Anguilla tourist visa will be needed for Indian passport holders.

Does the Dominican Republic have an arrival visa?

108 nationalities have free access to the country, but Indians will require a visa to enter the Dominican Republic. If the stay is for 90 days, then Indian citizens won’t require it either.

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