Dominican Republic Visa Application Form

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If you’re looking for an escape from your busy city lives and want to enjoy the outdoors in a relaxing environment, then the Dominican Republic will be the place for you. The Dominican Republic has many beautiful resorts, and beaches, and if you’re a fan of outdoor exploring, you’re in luck, as the country’s terrain has several rainforests and savannahs. But to enter this wonderful country, you must check if you require a Dominican Republic visa.

About Dominican Republic Visas

The Dominican Republic allows 108 nationalities to enter the country without requiring a visa. If you’re from one of these nationalities, you will only need a valid passport to enter the country. You can stay for 90 days in the Dominican Republic with your free entry, but if you want to extend your stay, you can pay an extra fee on arrival.

If you’re from a nationality that doesn’t have free access, you will require a consular visa to enter the country. For this, you will have to head to the Dominican Republic consulate or embassy. Before you head over to the diplomatic mission, ensure you’re carrying all the necessary documents with you.

All travelers entering the Dominican Republic must pay a mandatory tourist fee of USD 10, but if you’re from Chile, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, Israel, Japan, or South Korea, you aren’t required to pay this fee. The visa policy of the Dominican Republic has all the answers to your questions and queries.

Types of Dominican Republic Visas

There are several Dominican Republic visas of varying stay duration and purpose. The Dominican Republic tourist visa is for cultural and tourist trips. If you’re traveling to the Dominican Republic for tourism, you must require a tourist visa. It’s valid for 60 days after it’s issued, and you cannot find jobs with it.

 If you want a visa to get a job, the Residency visa allows you to live and do jobs in the Dominican Republic. The working visa also grants you access to jobs. It’s mainly for one year of working or any volunteering work. If you want to start a long-term business, you will require a business visa.

The study visa allows you to study in the Dominican Republic; besides these, there are settlement visas, permanent or temporary residency visas, transit visas, and family visas.

Visas for a long stay in Dominica

If you’re one of the nationalities that have free access to the Dominican Republic, then your tourist visa allows you to stay for 90 days, and if you want to stay for longer, you can pay an extra fee when you arrive in the country. If you’re not eligible for free access into the country, you just need a consular visa. You can acquire it from the Dominican Republic embassy and extend your stay if you want.

The Dominican Republic Visa fees

You can pay the Dominican Republic visa fee at the embassy or consulate of the Dominican Republic. The fee may vary according to the stay duration and visa type, but it’s often USD$150.

Residence permit for the Dominican Republic

The residency visa allows you to live and work in the Dominican Republic. It’s good for one entry into the country for an initial duration of 60 days. The cost of the residency visa application is 90 USD. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs approves visa applications. If your visa application is approved as a resident, you will receive either a permanent or temporary residency card.

Temporary residency is for one year, and for renewal, it must be done within 30 days before the expiration date. Permanent residents will renew after one year. Subsequent cards will be renewed every four years.

How do I apply for a Dominican visa?

·         Book an appointment at your country’s Dominican Republic consulate or embassy.

·         Fill out the Dominican Republic application form. Fill it out online and print it out.

·         Gather the necessary documents at the nearest consulate/embassy.

·         Finally, wait for a response. They will inform you of your visa result within 10 to 15 days.

Who needs a visa for the Dominican Republic?

You don’t require a Dominican Republic visa if you’re from a country that exists outside its borders.

How much does a Dominican visa cost?

The cost may vary according to the duration of stay and visa type, but it’s often around USD$150.

How long does it take to get a visa from the Dominican Republic?

Normally, it takes around 10 working days to process the Dominican Republic visa.

Is a visa required for the Dominican Republic?

Visas are not required if you’re visiting for less than 30 days. 108 countries have free access to the Dominican Republic. You will need a visa if you’re not eligible for free access.

What forms do I need to enter the Dominican Republic?

All travelers require the online entry form before entering the Dominican Republic, which includes the COVID Traveler’s Health Affidavit, International Boarding / Disembarking forms, and the Customs Declaration.

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