Dominican Republic E Ticket Problems

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The endless blue skies and beautiful white beaches of Punta Cana make it one of the best places to spend your vacations at. To visit the stunning Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic, you will need an electronic ticket. So, how do you get an e-ticket? And what are the common problems you may face regarding an e-ticket? All these questions will be discussed in this guide so you can travel to the Dominican Republic with ease.  

What do tourists need to travel to the Dominican Republic?

All tourists traveling to the Dominican Republic or departing from it will only require a valid passport to enter the country. You don’t need to apply for a visa. Your passport should be valid when you’re entering the Dominican Republic, staying in the DR, and leaving the DR.

You neither require a PCR nor antigen test before the trip. Express tests will be done selectively when you arrive at the airport. Your temperature will be measured. Social distancing is necessary, and ensure you’re wearing a mask.

Tell me about the electronic ticket.

The government of the Dominican Republic has introduced a new electronic system that has replaced the old printed questionnaire that tourists used to fill out when entering the country. This digital form combines the digital versions of the Customs Declaration, Traveler’s Health Affidavit, and International Boarding/Disembarkation forms into one single document. This is called the e-ticket, and you need it when entering or leaving the Dominican Republic.

Tell me about the purpose of QR codes.

You will be given two QR codes when you fill out the electronic form. The first QR code is required when you’re entering the Dominican Republic. The second QR code is only a confirmation that you’ve filled out the form correctly.

Do I have to fill out a form to travel with my family?

You will have to fill out the information about each family member traveling with you. It’s not necessary that each person fills out individual forms; you can add one user to the system who will enter information about all the family members. The limit for the form is 7 people, so if more than 7 people are traveling, an additional form will be required.

Why is the form so long?

The form is a combination of three documents into one. A customs declaration form, a migration service document, and an affidavit about the health of the traveler are all contained in one document, so it feels long when you’re filling it out.

Is it important to save the QR code?

Yes, the QR code is very important as it will be needed when entering the Dominican Republic, so save it on your phone or print it out.

What if you filled out the E-ticket form incorrectly?

You will have to fill out the e-ticket form again. Do this at home, but if you’re at the airport and want to fill it there and notice there’s a problem, don’t worry, as there’s free Wifi in the Dominican Republic airport, so you can fill it out there.

When does the physical form disappear?

April 1, 2021, was the date when the physical form use ended. The new electronic form makes customs clearance and migration easier. 

Will I have to fill out other documents when I enter or leave the Dominican Republic?

No, the only thing you’ll need to enter or leave the Dominican Republic is the e-ticket. The e-ticket contains all the necessary information, so there’s no need for any other documents.

What happens if I don’t fill it out before the trip?

If you don’t fill the form out, you won’t be allowed to board the flight. So, ensure you fill out the document in advance to avoid risks. If there’s Wifi, you can fill it at the airport.

How soon can I fill out an e-ticket for the Dominican Republic?

You can fill out the e-ticket 72 hours before arriving in the Dominican Republic till right before immigration.

Do you need an e-ticket to leave the Dominican Republic?

Yes, an e-ticket is required to both enter and leave the Dominican Republic. You can print your e-ticket or save it on your phone to keep it safe, as it’s very important when entering or leaving the country.

Should I fill out my e-Ticket before Customs in the Dominican Republic?

It is recommended that you fill out your e-ticket in advance to avoid any risks. You can fill it out 72 hours before arrival until right before immigration, but it’s not a good idea to fill out your form at the last minute.

Do I need a QR code to exit the Dominican Republic?

No, you are given two QR codes, and you have to show one when entering the Dominican Republic. The other QR code is just a confirmation that you’ve filled out the e-ticket form correctly.

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