Do Venezuelans Need Visa For Colombia?

Venezuelans need a Check-MIG form to enter Colombia!

Visas are not required for Venezuelan nationals traveling to Colombia as tourists. To make the entry procedure simpler and faster, they must still become comfortable with it.

Before attempting to enter Colombia, Venezuelan citizens should familiarize themselves with the information below. They should have no trouble entering Colombia if they do it that way.

Remember, a check-MIG form is required to enter Colombia. Click here to get one.

What Is Required For Venezuelans To Visit Colombia?

Visitors from Venezuela who can legally enter Colombia as tourists and want to stay for less than 90 days do not need a visa.

They can search for work while they are in Colombia, but they cannot obtain a salary without moving to a different type of visa, which will be covered later.

Before engaging in those activities, visitors to Colombia who plan to stay for an extended period of time, live there, or go to school there must get the appropriate type of visa.

In addition to the required travel documents, Venezuelans who want to enter the country must get a Check-MIG form for Colombia.

Online or with a mobile app, this form is simple to complete. If they have not finished it, they will not be permitted to go to Colombia.

Additionally, Venezuelan citizens must make sure they have the required documentation for Colombia’s COVID-19 protocols.

Travelers should examine them before they leave their houses because they are subject to change.

Get a Check-Mig form for Colombia!

Information Necessary For Venezuelans To Enter Colombia

Typically, Venezuelan nationals traveling to Colombia as tourists just need to present a few pieces of identification.

This current Venezuelan passport qualifies as the first of these. It must remain in force for at least six months after their admission into the nation.

Second, they must provide evidence of further or return travel. This cannot just be a ticket for a reserved flight.

They must instead demonstrate that they have completely paid for a ticket on a mode of transportation leaving Colombia before their visa expires.

Venezuelan nationals entering Colombia on a visa must also present this documentation in order to do so.

Can Venezuelan Tourists Stay Longer In Colombia?

Venezuelans can renew their visa online if they want to stay in Colombia for longer than 90 days on a tourist visa.

They may go to the Colombian Immigration Authority website and select “Permiso Temporal de Permanencia para Prorrogar Permanencia.”

After that, users can follow the instructions to finish the form and submit it. Filing this form has a modest fee.

It should be noted that visitors must have pictures of their passports that display the entry stamp from Colombia as well as documentation of their onward or return trip.

Travelers will be notified through email of their status during the processing of these visa extensions, which typically takes one to two business days.

They should retain a note of that email in case there is any confusion later if they are granted permission to stay in Colombia for an extended period of time.

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