Do US Permanent Residents Need Visa For Colombia?

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US Permanent residents can enter Colombia but require a Check-MIG form!

A beautiful country located in South America, Colombia is a popular tourist destination because of its gorgeous beaches and natural parks. Besides natural attractions, Colombia has many cultural World Heritage Sites people love to visit.

To visit Colombia, you must fill out a Check Migration form 24 hours before boarding your flight. To get your Check-MIG form for Colombia, click here! Below, we discuss what other visa requirements its immigration office has for US passport holders.

Are US Citizens Required To Apply For A Colombian Visa?

The Colombian consulate exempts many foreign nationals from the visa process. Citizens from an even more select few countries can enter Colombia with just an ID card. Luckily the US is included in the countries whose passport holders are granted visa free entry! In fact, Colombia grants citizens of other countries, such as Cambodia, China, India, Macau and Thailand, entry without a Colombian visa if they already have a US visa.

What US citizens Need To Enter Colombia

  • Valid passport issued by the US government
  • Immigration office advises you to have health insurance
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Unvaccinated individuals need a PCR test done 72 hours before boarding or a Lab Antigen test done 48 hours before boarding
  • You must fill in a Health Certificate 72 hours before the arrival date

Duration of Stay

If you want to enter Colombia with a US passport, you can stay there for 90 days. If the 90 days are up, you can request the Colombian government for an extension of 90 days.

You may need to stay longer than 180 days if you are transferred from work or decide to move for your studies. You will require a student visa, business visa or a work visa. A business visa is unlikely as foreign affairs are usually wrapped up in 180 days.

For extended stays, foreign nationals can opt for the Colombia tourist visa or the Colombia migrant visa. A migrant visa is more advisable, as a Colombian tourist visa lasts only 90 days and sometimes lasts 2 years. A migrant visa extends to 3 years. The visa process usually only takes 5 days. For Colombian citizenship, foreign nationals will need a resident visa.

Get a Check-Mig form for Colombia!

General Colombia Tourist Visa & Migrant Visa Requirements

  • A valid passport (till 6 months after you are due to leave Colombia)
  • 2 passport-sized photographs with no background apart from a white screen
  • Bank account statements from the 3 months prior to when you apply for a visa
  • Documents that show you have a place to stay, whether it’s an acquaintance’s house or a hotel
  • Show you paid the visa processing fee

Required Documents for Work Visa

  • Employment contract with the Colombian company
  • Proof no Colombian citizen applied for your job
  • Bank account statements from 6 months before you apply
  • Confirmation you will be paid above the minimum Colombian wage

Required Documents for Student Visa

  • Letter of acceptance from the university you are enrolled in
  • Letter must specify your degree and duration of enrollment

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