Colombia Visa Processing Time

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Colombia is a tourist’s dream destination in South America. Popular for its tropical weather, stunning beaches, lush tropical woods, and vibrant cities with a diverse and artistic culture. It is worthwhile to visit the nation’s national parks and historic sites. There is a lot to see and do in this country, in fact.

A Colombian tourist visa is needed if you want to travel here. The Colombia tourist visa is not required for those who have a Schengen visa, though. Furthermore, all visitors need to obtain a Check-MIG form in order to enter Colombia. Click here to get one.

Processing Times

Prior to the pandemic, the Foreign Ministry’s first response time for any online visa application was five business days.

Now, it can take up to 15 days or longer for the first answer to an online application for a Colombia visa.

The Foreign Ministry still allows visa applications to be closed after up to 30 days if one of the following answers is given:

  • A resounding nod of agreement
  • In an admission or rejection
  • Tacit withdrawal due to a lack of paperwork or a lack of time to review the material submitted, necessitating a new application from the foreign nationals

Therefore, it’s crucial to have sound counsel when requesting a Colombian visa.

In Colombia, more than half of initial visa applications are submitted without sufficient supporting evidence. As a result, the process takes longer as the Foreign Ministry requests extra paperwork.

Instead of doing it yourself, we advise employing a visa service with experience in submitting Colombia tourist visa applications and additional documents. This will ensure that your visa application includes all necessary documentation.

Get a Check-Mig form for Colombia!

What Percentage Of Colombian Visa Are Approved

In Colombia, there were over 42,000 visa applications between January and October 2020, according to statistics.

When the coronavirus pandemic in Colombia began in April 2020, the number of visa applications significantly decreased, falling from nearly 6,000 in January 2020 to a low of only 1,650.

Additionally, additional paperwork was needed for more than half of all Colombian visa applications. Additionally, 13.7% of applications were turned down and 1.7% were rejected. Thus, 84.6 percent of Colombian visa applications were approved compared to a failure rate of 15.4%. The approval rate is allegedly lower now than it was before the outbreak.

The international applicant can reapply for a visa but will need to pay the visa cost once again if they are not admitted. And if a foreign national’s visa application is denied, they are prohibited from seeking for another visa for a period of six months.

Can A Colombian Visa Be Extended?

The Immigration Officials (Migración Colombia) closest to where you are staying in Colombia are where you can submit an application for an extension of your Colombian visa. In the majority of big cities, there are immigration offices.

Make sure to apply for an extension prior to the expiration of the Colombian visa if you want to stay a bit longer than the period for which your visa was issued. When you apply later, it will be considered an overstay and you will either have to pay a fee or face deportation.

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