Colombia Visa For Filipinos

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Filipinos need a Check-MIG form to enter Colombia!

It is fairly clear why Colombia is capturing the interest of so many tourists from all over the world. If you’ve never been, you’ll fall in love with Colombia.

For Philippine passport holders, a visa is not one of the entry requirements for Colombia. But, all visitors need to obtain a Check-MIG form and complete it in order to enter Colombia. Click here to get one.

Colombia Visa Requirements With Philippines Passport: All You Need To Know

  • Philippine citizens are permitted a 90-day visa free stay in Colombia, which means a visa is not required
  • By traveling to Colombia more than once a year, the 90-day stay can be completed in 180 days
  • The following records must be presented by you to immigration officers:
    1. An original passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of admission and has at least two blank pages left for future stamping.
    2. A return flight or ticket for transiting through the nation and, if necessary, a visa for the destination nation.
    3. Proof of a hotel reservation or other form of lodging while abroad.
    4. An arrival card that is provided to you by the cruise line or the airline you flew
    5. A police record attesting to your lack of criminal activity.
    6. Medical insurance that covers the entirety of your stay in the nation, as well as the presentation of documentation attesting to your travel’s intended purpose.
    7. Check-MIG form.
  • Colombian immigration officials may refuse your admission if you don’t have all the necessary documents
  • Travelers leaving the nation are subject to an airport tax
  • A flight to Bogota, Colombia from Manila, the Philippines, is projected to take an average of one day and one hour
  • From the Philippines, there are a number of airlines that fly to Colombia, including Philippine Airlines, Avianca, American, ANA, Korean Air, United, Asiana, and JAL
  • The Philippines and Colombia both fall inside the GMT+5 and GMT+8 time zones, respectively. This shows that Colombia and the Philippines are 13 hours apart

Get a Check-Mig form for Colombia!

  • The country code for Colombia is (+57), which can be used for both domestic and international calls
  • Weekend hours for Colombian banks are nonexistent (Saturdays and Sundays)
  • You must disclose any cash, currency, or negotiable instruments worth up to $10,000 when you arrive in Colombia
  • All luggage will be checked at your final Colombian destination
  • Pet owners who are traveling with their animals must produce a health veterinary certificate and a rabies vaccination certificate
  • Importing or exporting weapons and ammunition requires police department authorization from Colombia, and these items must be declared
  • Colombia’s capital is Bogota, and the Colombian Peso (COP) is the country’s legal tender
  • The official language in Colombia is Spanish
  • More than 49 million people are thought to live in Colombia
  • The predominant religion in Colombia is Christianity
  • The places to visit in Colombia include the Rosario Islands, the Catedral de Sal, the Lost City, etc
  • Colombian specialties include fritanga, empanadas, bunuelo, tostones, patacones, arepas, and more
  • Colombia uses type A and type B power plugs with a 110V power supply and a 60Hz standard frequency

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