Colombia Visa Requirements For Kenyan Citizens

Kenyans need a Check-MIG form to enter Colombia!

One of the most popular tourist spots in Colombia is a coffee farm. In addition to this, the nation is home to a number of additional attractions that will excite visitors while they are there. Tourists may enjoy Tayrona Natural Park’s biodiversity and sports like snorkeling and surfing. The mountains at “Eje Cafetero” offer bicycling and equestrian riding trails for tourists.

All visitors are required to obtain a Check-MIG in order to travel to Colombia. Click here to get yours now!

Remember: travelers should bring a color copy of their passport document and visa from their passport to prove who they are.

General Visa Requirements For Colombian Visa

Colombia Tourist Visa Eligibility & Visa Requirements

This tourist visa is valid for:

Get a Check-Mig form for Colombia!

Colombia Migrant Visa Eligibility & Requirements

  1. The NE1 is designed for foreigners who want to enter the country solely to do business, promote economic exchanges, make investments, and start new businesses.
  2. The NE2: permits foreigners to enter Colombia temporarily as businesspeople to promote firms, create investment, and build a commercial presence. It also incorporates free trade agreements.
  3. The NE3 allows foreigners who are employed by the government to enter the country in order to advance trade and commerce inside or with Colombia.
  4. For foreigners who are presidents or senior executives of a multinational corporation in order to invest or develop business, the NE4 is required.A business visa can be obtained for up to three years. The job contract is the single factor that determines whether the visa can be extended for another two years. A statement from a Colombian corporation saying that it has accepted the foreign visitor for a visit and that it will cover the applicants’ expenses while they are in Colombia. The company that is inviting the applicant to visit Colombia must present a certificate proving its legitimacy.

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