Colombia e-Visa For Pakistan

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Pakistanis need a Check MIG form to enter Colombia!

Colombia is a South American nation renowned for its varied culture and populace. The well-known ruins of Pueblito are in Parque Nacional Pure Tayrona, which is also home to a biodiverse jungle. Many of Colombia’s historical monuments, like Ciudad Perdida, which is an archeological site in a destroyed city, show how much history the country has. The Gold Museum will also give you helpful insights into the idea of pre-Columbian gold.

Colombia requires a tourist visa from Pakistani nationals. Only 90 days are typically allowed for stays, after which the visa expires. An application for a Colombia tourist visa must be made in person. A total of seven different pieces of paperwork are required to apply for a Colombia tourist visa. All visitors are required to obtain a Check-MIG form in order to visit Colombia. Click here to get one.

Colombia Tourist Visa Requirements

Pakistani travelers may need a different type of visa for Colombia, depending on their travel plans and length of stay. Here, we’ll go over a few key forms of paperwork needed to obtain a Colombian tourist visa from Pakistan. By giving the Colombian Embassy these documents, you can quickly obtain a visa for Colombia. Here is a list of the necessary paperwork. The Colombia Visa Application process & Requirements for Pakistanis have highly sought after. You can find detailed information and a travel guide for Colombia. We will give you full instructions on how to obtain a Colombia visa from Pakistan.

Documents Needed For Colombia Visa

  • A genuine valid passport (at least six months active)
  • Copy of ID card
  • Four photos the size of a passport (white background 33×48 mm size jpg format)
  • An individual bank statement (6 months)
  • A letter of maintenance for a bank account
  • Visa Demand letter to the Consulate (preferably on company letterhead)
  • Certificate from the Chamber of Commerce
  • A police character reference
  • Official offer letter from the Ministry of Colombia
  • Airline Ticket (travel reservation only)
  • Hotel reservations

The applicant must meet Colombia’s visa criteria, much like those of other nations. The type of visa via which applicants wish to apply will determine the Colombia visa requirements, but some needs are constant, such as the primary visa.

Get a Check-Mig form for Colombia!

Check-MIG Form

Within 72 hours of boarding an inbound or outgoing flight, all travelers arriving in Colombia must register their information on the Check-Mig application of the Colombian government. A travel health document for Colombia is called the Colombia Check-MIG. All visitors must meet this condition in order to enter the nation.

Additional Information About Colombia Visa Requirements

You can also get information and answers to your questions from the Colombian embassy in Islamabad. You can acquire precise information about your needs and requirements from the embassy office. The Colombia visa application process and requirements for Pakistani citizens are highly sought.

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