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    Letifile is the website of a file sharing website that claims to pay users if they share their files with others. The more files you share, the more you earn, according to the admin. The truthfulness of these claims is unknown, but it was active for a time and attracted significant traffic. They offered users […]

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    Ansur.AM is a Latin American news channel with thousands of outbound links on the web. During its active years, it was a source of information for visitors from the Americas, with significant traffic coming from Brazil, Ecuador, and Chile. However, a significant percentage of visitor traffic came from many other South American countries too.  The […]

  • History of is a website that started in 2002, created by a writer who wanted to have a platform to express his thoughts and opinions. The site had a range of categories covering a variety of topics such as cars, books, programming, games, and more. The site was powered by Movable Type – a powerful content management […]

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    The Hellenic Management Association (HMA-EEDE) is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1962 with the goal of promoting modern management principles, methods, and practices. It has a diverse membership base, including corporate organizations and enterprises from the public and private sectors, as well as individual members such as top-level and medium executives, students, professors, […]

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