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  • Mexico visa processing time

    What is Mexico visa processing time? The processing time 路         Depends on the type of visa you are applying for 路         Depends on your ability to provide all the necessary information and documents to expedite your application. This article focuses on the different types of Mexican Visas issued by Mexican consulates and the application method. Read […]

  • Where to retire in mexico on social security

    Are you looking for where to retire in Mexico on social security? Affordable cities with affordable living costs include 路         Valladolid 路         Santiago de Queretaro 路         San Cristobal de Las Casas If you plan to relocate to Mexico to be part of the expat community and you are looking for the cheapest cities to live in, read […]

  • Mexican consulate appointment

    How to book an appointment with the Mexican consulate  requires contacting the consulate in your home country 路         Directly 路         Or through Mexitel We explain the stress-free process of booking an appointment with a Mexican consulate in this article, so read on to know more. Mexico has diplomatic relations with close to 200 countries and territories […]

  • How to get Mexican license plates?

    How to get Mexican license plates? You need 路         Proper documentation 路         Licensing fees 路         Other administrative requirements Many people visit Mexico with plans to stay behind for a significant period of time. Those who plan to stay back permanently with their motor vehicles will need to change their old plates to Mexican licensed plates. This […]

  • How to get a Mexican passport?

    How to get a Mexican Passport? 路         Make an appointment with the Mexican consulate or immigration office 路         Attend the interview with your proof of citizenship 路         Pay the application fee Many Mexicans, particularly those living in the diaspora and of Mexican nationality, don’t know how to get a Mexican Passport. Continue reading this article […]

  • What is a CURP Number and how do I get one?

    What is a CURP Number and how do I get one?

    This is a number of unique population registry codes required for administrative tasks and other government services. And you can apply for a CURP online. If you live or do business in Mexico, you must have heard about the CURP number. This population registry unique code is issued to each adult individual for performing administrative […]

  • Mexico immigration policy

    What is Mexico Immigration policy? They are a set of 路         Laws and regulations that guide the entry, exit, and activities of foreign nationals in Mexico 路         Documents and procedures all foreigners living in Mexico for a short or long time must provide or adhere to. In this article, we want to review the history of […]

  • Mexitel appointment

    How to schedule an appointment through mexitel to the Mexican consulate.           If you want to know how to schedule an appointment through Mexitel, you will have to 路         Book an appointment with the Mexican consulate by making direct contact with the Mexitel office or via email 路         Present your documents for verification For those who wish to […]

  • How to get Mexican citizenship

    How to get Mexican citizenship is a straightforward process 路         You have to qualify for it 路         You need to appear in front of the local SRE office for screening 路         You will need to present valid documents to prove you qualify for it Applying for and getting Mexican citizenship is a process that is administered […]

  • How to move to mexico with pets

    How to move to Mexico with pets? You will need to 路         Follow the guidelines of rye airline company if you are arriving by air 路         Provide health documents and documents of ownership If you plan to visit Mexico for business and would like to bring your pets along, there are certain guidelines and processes you […]