Aruba Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

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The beautiful paradise of Aruba is a wonderful place to visit with family and one of the best destinations to spend your vacations. To visit this wondrous island, you will require certain things, such as an ED card, and visa requirements may vary according to the country of your origin.

Certain countries have been granted access to Aruba without needing a visa, whereas some countries will have to acquire a visa to travel to Aruba. If you’re an Indian citizen, then have no worries, as this guide will inform you about the visa requirements for countries that are required to have a visa for Aruba, such as India.

Entry requirements for Aruba if you don’t need a visa

If you’re a citizen of a country that doesn’t require a visa, then you will need to present the following documents upon arrival in Aruba.

·         A valid passport has validity for the duration of your stay in Aruba. Travelers whose country of origin requires them a visa to enter Aruba will need a valid visa sticker on their passport.

·         A correctly filled out and signed ED card (embarkation/disembarkation card) is necessary.

·         A return ticket will also be required. A return ticket proves that you will return to your home country after your stay in Aruba. You will be required to provide a flight ticket that has valid dates of your arrival in Aruba and departure back to your country of origin.

·         Accommodation proof means you will be required to give proof of where you will be staying in Aruba, such as hotel reservations or any proof of owned properties in Aruba.

·         Proof that you have sufficient funds to provide for yourself financially during your time in Aruba. This can include credit card statements and bank statements. A letter from your sponsor can also be proof, and if you provide it, your sponsor will be required to attach the necessary documents to the letter.

·         You must have valid medical insurance that covers all your medical expenses during your stay in Aruba. Your medical insurance should be able to provide cover for at least USD 15,000 in medical expenses.

·         You should have a clean criminal record to enter Aruba.


Tourists that require visas to enter Aruba need to apply for a visitor visa before arriving in Aruba. You must apply for the visa in person at a consulate or embassy of the kingdom of the Netherlands. Certain approved travel agencies in some countries can apply for visas on behalf of their customers. If you want more information regarding visa requirements to apply for a visa to enter Aruba and for information related to appointments and opening hours, you can contact the embassy or consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands from your country of residence, or you can visit the embassy or consulate website.

When do you need an invitation/declaration of guarantee?

A tourist that needs a visa requires a declaration of guarantee/invitation to apply for a visa if they’ll be staying at the home of an acquaintance or a relative or are invited to participate in a sports event by an organization in Aruba. An organization or person that is acting as a guarantor for the traveler’s stay in Aruba must declare that they’ll guarantee all the costs arising from the stay of the traveler in Aruba.

The guarantor is also responsible for providing the visa-required tourist with the declaration of guarantee/invitation. Keep in mind that having the declaration of guarantee/invitation doesn’t necessarily mean that your visa will be issued. It is only a requirement that you have to submit.

Do I need a visa to enter Aruba?

If you’re an Indian citizen, you must apply for a visa to enter Aruba. However, Aruba allows certain countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Georgia, Norway, Peru, and many other countries, to enter Aruba without the need for a visa.

Do Indian citizen need a visa for Aruba?

Yes, Indian citizens aren’t included in the visa-free countries and, therefore, will be required to apply for a visa before arriving in Aruba.

Do I need a visa to visit Aruba?

Yes, a visitor’s visa will be required to visit Aruba. If you’re not from any visa-free countries, you will have to apply for a visa to gain entry to Aruba.

Do H1B holders need visa for Aruba?

You don’t need a visa to enter Aruba if you have a valid multi-entry visa to the United States. You will only require a correctly filled out and signed Aruba ED card (embarkation/disembarkation card).

Does Schengen visa cover Aruba?

Yes, if you have a valid multiple-entry Schengen visa, you can enter Aruba without needing a visa and stay there for up to 30 days (90 days total for the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom of Netherlands) without requiring a separate Caribbean visa.

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