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Aruba is one of the most beautiful islands, and it has the finest beaches, sands that never get hot despite how hot the weather may get, and a soothing environment. If you’re looking for a place to spend your vacations or maybe your family is in the mood to explore, whatever the reason is, Aruba is an excellent option for travel. The process of applying is simple. You may face issues regarding the website but have no worries, as all technical issues related to the website will soon be fixed. This guide will cover all your queries and questions regarding the Aruba ED card.

Online ED Card processing

The Aruba online ED card, also known as the embarkation/disembarkation card, was previously a physical travel form that travelers visiting Aruba used to fill out for entry into Aruba. This is now completely digitized and is now a mandatory process that all travelers (including minors and children), both residents and non-residents of Aruba, spending more than a day in Aruba are required to follow before arriving in Aruba. The process is simple and is done on the official site of Aruba.

·         Firstly, you must go to the official Aruba portal and select whether you’re a resident or non-resident.

·         After selecting that, a pop-up will notify you that you have 7 days to fill out this form before your travel to Aruba. You will also have to select your arrival date now.

·         You will have to fill in certain personal information such as name, passport number, nationality, etc.

·         After filling it out, you will have more personal information to fill out, such as gender, permanent home address, employment details, etc.

·         When you reach the fourth section of your ED card form, you will be asked to fill in flight details like departure date, flight name, name of accommodation, number of times you have previously visited the island, etc. You will also have to fill out certain information regarding your visit to Aruba.

·         Next, there will be a few disclaimers about conditions to read and answer so you can qualify for the board. Test, screening, rules, costs, regulations, and other instructions.

·         After filling this out, you will be done filling out your ED card form for Aruba. If you have correctly filled out all the asked questions, you will receive a green checkmark with a barcode in it. This barcode will be scanned at the airport by the authorities.

Get an ED Card for Aruba!

Wearing masks and additional safety measures

According to Aruba government rules and regulations, it is mandatory to wear a mask at certain places in Aruba. Local residents and visitors are expected to wear masks at all times at the places in Aruba where wearing one are necessary. As social distancing cannot always be possible and there are certain areas where it can be difficult to social distance, it is advised to wear a mask at such places.

As of Mar 19, 2022, no traveler must show proof of vaccination or a Covid-19 negative test. However, it is advised that you download the official health app of Aruba to know about any sudden changes in the health regulations and rules of Aruba and any changes in Covid-19 requirements and instructions and changes of measures regarding Covid-19.

It is also advised that you travel fully vaccinated just in case as a safety precaution for yourself and your family. Keep in mind that this information can change very quickly, so ensure you keep up-to-date by keeping in touch with the health app of Aruba.

When you reach Aruba, there aren’t any quarantine restrictions anymore, so you won’t be required to quarantine upon entering the island.

Where wearing a mask may be mandatory

All visitors aged 12 or above are required to wear masks during their travel to Aruba. This rule may vary from airline to airline, and some airlines may not have this rule mandatory, but still, it is advised to wear masks, even if unnecessary, just as a safety precaution. All travelers must familiarize themselves with all in-flight procedures and requirements of their selected airline regarding Covid-19.

Masks aren’t mandatory within the Aruba airport building and terminals, but you’re still advised to wear one. Anywhere else, wearing a mask isn’t mandatory, but within any establishment, you would have to wear one if the establishment has declared it mandatory.

Masks are highly recommended, especially in areas where social distancing is very difficult.

Get an ED Card for Aruba!

E-mail notification

When you have correctly filled out all the required information and completed the Aruba ED travel document form process, you will receive two answers via email. The two answers will either be qualified or denied. If you qualify, you will receive a green checkmark with a barcode. Ensure you provide a valid email address. You must show the barcode digitally or in printed form to the authorities at check-in or upon boarding.

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