Aruba ED Card Tutorial

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Get an ED Card for Aruba!

If you’re tired of the traffic and busy life of the city and want somewhere to relax with your family, Aruba will be a good fit for you. Aruba is a small beautiful island with stunning views and beautiful beaches with sand that stays cool even on the hottest day.

The Aruba tourism authority has allowed travelers to visit their beautiful island, but anyone traveling to the country will be required to fill out an online embarkation/disembarkation card, also called the ED card. If it’s your first time traveling to the island, you must be confused about the ED card and how to apply for it, but this guide will answer all your inquiries related to the Aruba ED card.

How do I Fill out my ED Card for Aruba?

The Aruba embarkation/disembarkation form is required to enter or leave the country. Filling out the ED card is a straightforward and simple process. Simply follow the steps below to fill out your ED card for Aruba.

Step 1:

On the main screen of the official Aruba portal, you will have to first select “resident” or “non-resident.” If you’re traveling to Aruba Island as a tourist, you will select “non-resident.”

Step 2:

After you’ve selected non-resident, a pop-up will come up where it will notify you that you can fill out your ED card for Aruba 7 days before your arrival to the country. Here, you can select the date of your arrival.

Step 3:

On the start page, you will be required to fill out some general information about yourself. This will include your first and last name, passport number, passport type, expiration date, phone number, and email address. Click “Next” when you’re done filling out this information.

Step 4:

Now, the Aruba ED card form will ask you for further personal information such as gender, permanent address, and employment details, and so on.

Get an ED Card for Aruba!

Step 5:

When you reach the fourth section of the Aruba ED card, you will have to provide flight details such as the airline’s name, accommodation name, departure date, the number of times you’ve visited the island, and so on. You will also be required to answer questions about your visit to the Aruba Island.

Step 6:

Now for your Aruba ED card form, you will have to read and give answers to a couple of disclaimers about the conditions to qualify to board the flight, testing and screening, other instructions, rules, regulations, and costs.

Step 7:

After you’re done with all the steps of your Aruba ED card form, you will receive either one of the two responses to your Aruba application card request; qualified or denied. If you qualify, you will receive the barcode that is needed to enter the Aruba Island. When you reach the island, the authorities will scan the barcode and grant you access, so ensure you keep a printout of the barcode or save it on your phone.

Can I edit my ED card for Aruba?

You don’t have to edit your Aruba ED card. After your trip is finished, you can update the data on your Ed card to suit the next time you travel to the island.

Do you need to fill out Ed card leave Aruba?

Anyone traveling to the Aruba Island will need an Aruba embarkation/disembarkation card (Ed card). The Aruba ED card form must be completed for both nationals and foreigners that are entering or leaving the Aruba Island. In the past, this ED card used to be physically filled out by travelers; now, it’s completely digitized.

Get an ED Card for Aruba!

What is the ED Card for Aruba?

The Aruba ED card, also known as the Aruba embarkation/disembarkation card, is required to enter or depart from the Aruba Island. The ED card also helps you verify all the necessary requirements that were taken to board the plane to the Aruba Island. The Aruba ED card also shows that you have purchased the Aruba visitors insurance and are ready to travel to the stunning Aruba Island. Overall, an Aruba ED card saves you from carrying several documents because everything necessary will be included and verified in the ED card.

The ED card is mandatory to be filled by anyone that is traveling to the island or leaving from it. All travelers, both nationals and foreigners, minors and infants, will require an Aruba ED card to enter or depart from the island. The Aruba ED card is also a single-entry document, so you will need an ED card each time you travel to the country. Applying for the ED card is simple as it’s completely digital. Ensure you apply for the ED card 7 days before your arrival. Your Aruba ED card will be checked twice; the airline will check it first at the departure then the authorities will check it after your arrival on the island.

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