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Get an ED Card for Aruba!

The Aruba tourist authority has opened its borders for tourism and traveling. If you want to visit a small relaxing island with your family away from the busy city, then Aruba will be the place for you. Aruba is a small island, only 20 miles long and 5 miles wide. To travel to the island, you will require an Aruba ED card online. The Aruba ED card online is the official Aruba card for embarkation and disembarkation. If this is new to you and you haven’t visited Aruba before, then have no worry; we’ll let you know about every important detail to enter Aruba Island easily.

Online ED Card Processing

Before you start your online processing for your Aruba ED card, ensure you have a valid e-mail address that is accessible and a valid passport. You will require information from your passport to complete your ED card online application form successfully.

After you’ve completed the online travel application form, a confirmation of your application will be received. It will be sent to the e-mail address you provided. This confirmation will inform you whether you’re qualified to travel or are denied. If you’re qualified to enter Aruba, this form will be your proof.

If you’re qualified, your online ED card will be processed. You can print it out or save it on your phone. This confirmation is mandatory, and you will be asked for it. You can show a printed or digital copy on your phone to the authorities at the airline.

Wearing masks and additional safety measures

According to the Aruba government, as of Mar 19, 2022, any person traveling to Aruba is no longer required to show a COVID-19 negative test result or any proof that you’re vaccinated. However, for health-related concerns, it is recommended to travel fully vaccinated to avoid any health risks. Health-related information can change quite frequently, so it is advised to keep up to date with the island’s safety measures, especially when there are a few days left before you travel.

Remember to download Aruba’s health app on your phone to ensure you’re always up to date with the latest health and safety measures and any changes in the Aruba Covid test requirements.

Where wearing a mask may be mandatory

Vaccination is not needed, according to the recent health updates of the Aruba government, but travelers that are below the age of 16 are advised to carry masks during their flight to Aruba. This requirement may vary depending on the airline you’re traveling in. Travelers are recommended to understand all health and safety-related measures, requirements, and procedures related to Covid19 of their preferred airline. Wearing a mask is not mandatory for travelers in the Aruba airport, but it is still advised to carry masks on the premises. You may wear one if you want, but it is not mandatory.

Get an ED Card for Aruba!

 E-mail notification

A valid e-mail address must be given when applying for an Aruba Ed online card. After you’ve completed your online travel application form, your e-mail comes in handy as confirmation is received on e-mail. This confirmation notification will notify you whether you’ve been considered qualified to travel to Aruba or are denied. A confirmation e-mail declaring you’re qualified for travel will have a green checkmark and a barcode, be sure to print it out or save it on your phone as you will be required to show it to the authorities at the airline.  

How do I get an Aruba Ed card?

The Aruba ED card online, also known as the embarkation-disembarkation form, is the mandatory requirement for anyone traveling to Aruba Island. All travelers are required to complete it, including minors and infants. This also includes residents and non-residents of Aruba.

To successfully acquire the Aruba ED card online, you must complete the card form by going to Aruba’s official portal. It’s a simple process, and the steps below will guide you through:


On the official Aruba portal, the first option you will have to select is whether you’re a resident or a non-resident. If you’re a tourist that is simply just traveling, you will select “non-resident.”

Step 2:

Once you click on “non-resident,” a pop-up will show up, saying that you can fill out your Online ED card application 7 days before your arrival on Aruba Island. Here, you will have an option to select your arrival date.

Step 3:

Now you will be required to fill in your personnel information on the start page. These will include your first and last name, birth date, passport number, nationality, etc. When you fill in all the required questions, click nest.

Step 4:

Now, the Aruba ED card will ask you to fill in more personal information such as gender, home address, employment details, etc.

Step 5:

In the fourth section of the Aruba ED online card, you will be required to give the flight details, such as the departure date, airline name, number of times you previously visited the island, and so on. You will also have to answer some questions regarding visiting information.

Step 6:

Next, you will have to answer a couple of disclaimers about conditions to qualify for the board. Screening, testing, costs, and other instructions.

Step 7:

You now have completed your online Aruba ED form. You will now receive a response. The response can say you’re qualified or denied. If you’re qualified to enter Aruba Island, you will receive a barcode with a green checkmark. This will be scanned at the airport, and you’ll be granted entry into the island.

Get an ED Card for Aruba!

Do you need to fill out an Ed card to leave Aruba?

An Aruba ED card is also called the embarkation-disembarkation card, meaning it is not only required when entering the island but also when you’re departing from it.

How much is an ED card?

An ED card costs 15$ per person for travelers that are 15 years or older.

What is an Embarkation and Disembarkation Card ED card?

The Aruba ED card online stands for Aruba embarkation and disembarkation form. The Aruba ED card shows that you have bought the Aruba Visitors Insurance and are now qualified to travel to the beautiful island of Aruba. It is a mandatory form all travelers must complete.

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